New Pokemon in CoroCoro July 2013

Pokémon X & Y — 11 July, 2013

Japanese magazine CoroCoro has leaked again, and with it comes new Pokemon and more information about X and Y! I will first point out that there are less than 100 days until October 12th, the release date of X and Y.

Onto the reveals now and the types of Xerneas and Yveltal have been disclosed. Xerneas is Fairy type and Yveltal is Dark/Flying type. Respectively they have the abilities Fairy Aura which powers up Fairy type moves and Dark Aura which powers up Dark type moves. Exclusive moves have also been revealed: Xerneas can learn Geo Control and Yveltal can learn Death Wing (translations).

Also on current Pokemon, Clauncher will be exclusive to Pokemon X while Skrelp will be exclusive to Pokemon Y. Honedge will have the ability No Guard, which ensures all moves it uses and all attacks it receives will hit. This means it won't have immunity from Poison-type attacks (although since it's part Ghost type they will be not very effective).

Next up, new Pokemon! No English names yet so these are all Japanese. First is Goronda, and is the evolution of Pancham. The evolution method is apparently a new type we haven't yet seen, though details were not revealed. It has the ability Iron Fist. Second is a squid-like Pokemon called Maika and third is its evolution Karamanero. They are Dark/Psychic type.

Goronda, Maika and Karamanero

Next we have Peroppafu, a ball of fluff. It is Fairy type and is exclusive to Pokemon X. It has a new ability that prevents your whole team from falling asleep (current translation: Sweet Pale). It also has a new move Drain Kiss. Below right is Shushup, a pink bird. It is also Fairy type, with the ability Healer, and exclusive to Pokemon Y.

Peroppafu and Shushup

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