English names for July CoroCoro Pokemon

Pokémon X & Y — 12 July, 2013

The official English names for the Pokemon revealed yesterday have been confirmed. The Pancham evolution is called Pangoro and the two squid Pokemon are known as Inkay and Malamar.

The cotton candy-like Pokemon is called Swirlix. The pink bird Pokemon is called Spritzee.

New moves/abilities have had their names confirmed:

  • Xerneas' ability is Fairy Aura which increases the power of all Fairy-type moves in battle.
  • Xerneas has an exclusive move Geomancy, exact details not known.
  • Yveltal's ability is Dark Aura which increases the power of all Dark-type moves in battle.
  • Yveltal has an exclusive move Oblivion Wing, exact details not known.
  • Topsy Turvy is learnt by Inkay, which reverses the opponent's stat changes.
  • Draining Kiss is learnt by Spritzee, which restores half the HP drained to the user.
  • Swirlix has a new ability Sweet Veil which prevents the entire team from falling asleep.

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