So, apparently some new Pokemon games were released or something...

Site Updates — 17 March, 2011

Ha! It's been a little quiet here for the last few days. As you can probably guess, since Pokemon Black & White were recently released, I've been quite busy playing! I have Pokemon Black and it is excellent - a lot of the gameplay is familiar but the adventure has a little more 'epicness' to it. There are lovely touches to the graphics, music and other details throughout the game. Game Freak put a lot of effort in this time.

Most of my time on the site has been spent handling the massive surge in traffic we are experiencing at the moment. Visitor numbers have quadrupled since the games were released, and are even higher at weekends. We've got a grasp on everything now, but if the site gets a bit slow at times, please bear with us. Thanks for choosing Pokemon Database as your information source! :-)

On to the actual update - I've added two new pages to our Black & White section. The first describes some of the changes in wild encounters - most notably the shaking spots that you see sometimes. The second is a guide to the new seasons mechanic, explaining what changes between seasons.

I have also been making several changes to ability and move descriptions to add more detail and clarify points. As usual, if you spot any mistakes anywhere on the site, please let me know on meta-Pokebase here.

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