3D Pokedex app to be released on Nintendo 3DS

General News — 02 June, 2011

Nintendo have announced they are to release a 3D Pokedex app for the new 3DS console. Named - wait for it - Pokédex 3D, it will feature all the Pokemon from the Unova region in full 3D.

The app will allow the user to view Pokemon in 3D and rotate them. It also lists standard Pokedex details such as their stats, evolutions and moves.

However, by default you only start with 16 Pokemon and must collect the rest by scanning QR codes, using SpotPass or by trading data with friends via StreetPass. It's unknown whether the first 493 Pokemon will become available at any point.

Pokédex 3D will be available June 7th, once the Nintendo eShop becomes available through a system update. More pictures below.

UPDATE: dedicated page for Pokedex 3D now available here.

The Pokedex 3D logo

The Unova starters in 3D

How Pokedex 3D looks on the dual-screen 3DS

Hydreigon's base stats

Snivy's evolution and abilities

Tepig's moves

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