A fiendish new design and some new content!

Site Updates — 22 October, 2011

Notice anything different recently? That's right, we've dressed up for Halloween! Just a little something I knocked up quickly, hope you like it :)

I have also added a few cool pages to the site recently. First up is the Events page. With the Pokemon Global Link events it's difficult to keep track of what's going on and how to get the special Pokemon or themes. So I've made a page that lists them all!

I've added two nifty Pokemon tools: a moveset searcher and a type coverage checker. The first has been on the site for a while now but had a couple of problems. It's now fixed and working great! Just put in up to 4 moves you want, and it will tell you which Pokemon can learn them all!

I've loved the idea of a type coverage tool after I saw a similar page on PsyPokes.com. You input the elemental types of your attacking moves, and it shows you which Pokemon those types will not be very effective against. But ours goes further and shows how the types stack up against every Pokemon, as it's no good having zero not very effective attacks if none of them are super effective.

P.S. to save you some time, the best 4-type combination is Ghost, Fighting, Ice and Ground :D

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