Pokedex Pro and AR Searcher apps coming to Nintendo 3DS

General News — 31 May, 2012

Nintendo are to release two new applications for the 3DS console, as companions to the new Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 games. They will be released in the autumn in America/Europe, presumably at the same time as BW2.

The Sacred form of Tornadus appears in front of you in the Dream Radar.

The first is Pokemon Dream Radar, an Augmented Reality (AR) game similar to the native Face Raiders game, in which you shoot and capture Pokemon that appear to be in the room with you! This app is the only way to capture the alternate forms of Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. It is believed that Pokemon caught in this app will have their hidden abilities, similar to the Dream World.

The second app is Pokedex 3D Pro, an upgraded version of the existing free Pokedex 3D app. It will have all 649 Pokemon which do not need to be unlocked as they do in the free version.

Black Kyurem in Pokedex 3D Pro

The Pokedex also features more details on each Pokemon than the free version, including a type chart. This app is likely to cost anywhere from $15-20 (£10-12), about the same as a physical guide book.

Tepig's evolution details and type chart

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