Early story details for Black & White 2

Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 — 20 June, 2012

Japanese magazine Dengeki Nintendo has leaked with various details about Black & White 2. It lists the first 36 Pokemon in the local dex - we have updated the Black/White 2 Pokedex to reflect that.

There are several new towns and cities in Black/White 2, as can be seen on the map to the left. You start in Aspertia City which is to the South-West of the map. Also in the area are Route 19, Route 20, Sangi Town, Sangi Ranch, Sangi Forest, Tachiwaki City and Tachiwaki Complex. This area appears to be separated from the rest of Unova as you must use a boat to get to Castelia City.

At the beginning of the game, you pick your starter from your friend Bianca, then shortly afterward she teaches you how to catch a Pokemon (as if you didn't know). You also meet the Unova Champion Alder, who lives in this new region, and you battle him (presumably he has low-level Pokemon).

As confirmed recently, your friend Cheren is the first gym leader. He has a lv.11 Patrat and lv.13 Lillipup. Homika, the second gym, has a lv.16 Koffing and lv.18 Whirlipede.

A Pokedex upgrade allows you to look at the map and see which Pokemon are in a certain route. Also, during battle pressing L will give you a hint that shows which of your attacks will be effective against the opposition.

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