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Gender: male
Country: pokemon world: hoenn , real world: India
Favorite Pokémon: Sceptile , Tyranitar , Methagross , Heracross, magneton(because he got me my first shiny), Salamence and Swampert
Friend Codes: Blaziken 787, my very first friend on site and great person to talk to
Blazingstaraptor, I actually didn't like you earlier :P but something said me to say you did a great answer on question I answered too but he sniped and made better answer. Long story short, We became friends after that. Great at answering and asking good questions.
 Porygon-Zangoose, we only talked in chat, but you taught me to give response on other person's wall LoL. An entertaining person.
Swastik, the fellow Indian to me.
 PokeUser0101010- good old friend of mine. I recently got to know you're a girl LoL. Sorry about that.
A typical glance- the Kirby fan. I don't like Kirby. My old rival too but we ain't anymore.
sam and noivern, founder of dragon tamer club. I'm a proud member of it
 gmax waluigi : recently became friends. Jolly and humorous person.
Spex, occasionally talk to him in chat. I wonder why he doesn't have many friends? A great person. I like him to be very similar to me ;)
People who are not
necessarily my friends:
fizz AKA the best mod
(You wanna be, come talk to me!)
About me: anyone intrested to battle me? I have the same ID on PS!

If you wanted to know about my age , its my 14th birthday on 1st june 2021
200 points-21-11-2020
300 points-27-11-2020
400 points-30-11-2020
500 points-01-12-2020
600 points-02-12-2020
700 points-03-12-2020
750 points- I literally donno cause I was banned when I crossed it.
800 points-18-12-2020
850 points-20-12-2020
900 points-21-12-2020
950 points-22-12-2020
1000 points! -27-12-2020
1050 points-30-12-2020
1100 points-1-1-2021
1150 points-4-1-2021
1200 points-4-1-3021
1250 points-6-1-2021
1300 points-6-1-2021
1350 points-7-1-2021
1400 points-8-1-2021
1450 points-9-1-2021
1500 and 1550! points-11-01-2021 (when I was sleeping lol)
1600 points-12-1-2021
1650 points-13-1-2021
1700 points-14-1-2021
1750 & 1800 points-21-1-2021
1850 points-24-1-2021
1900 points-25-1-2021
1950 points-27-1-2021
2000 points!!! -28-1-2021
2050 points-30-1-2021
2100 points-31-1-2021
2200 points & 2250 points- 5-2-2021
2300 points-7-2-2021
2350 points-9-2-2021
2400 points-9-2-2021
2450 points-9-2-2021
2500 points-10-2-2021
2600 points-15-2-2021
2650 points-18-2-2021
2700 points-26-2-2021
2750 points-1-3-2021
2800 points-8-3-2021
2850 points-9-3-2021
2900 points-11-3-2021
2950 points-11-3-2021
3000 points-13-3-2021
3050 points-16-3-2021
3100 points-24-3-2021
3150 points-27-3-2021
3200 points-1-4-2021
3250 points-2-4-2021
3300 points-4-4-2021
3350 points-5-4-2021
3400 points-7-4-2021
3450 points-9-4-2021
3500 points-15-4-2021
3550 points-15-4-2021
3600 points-16-4-2021
3650 points-18-4-2021
3700 points-25-4-2021
3750 points-6-5-2021
my dream team if pokemon were real:
Call me  'sep' If you like. I am best at pokemon in my class where its popular although most don't have hardware games and play only showdown as learning players and low ladder. I am a top ranker and intrested in academics. I love reading books and playing chess. Favorite regions by order:
my favorite quote: Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing its stupid. By Albert Einstein  
So you've read this far... Interesting...
wanna know my most hated pokemon?


A great set of words:
a minute ago
Is the chat ever truly empty? For it to be empty, there would have to be nobody inside, but you need to be in the chat to see how people are in the chat. So if you can see who's in the chat, you are in the chat, so it is not

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:D great!
4 days ago by Assault Ποσειδώνας
Btw would you like to battle today Gen 7 Ubers 6-6:40 PM our time I'll be on on PS!. I'll be most active in the AG and Old Shark Room so ping me up anytime.

I kinda made a trash team lol.
4 days ago by Assault Ποσειδώνας
Valid argument. Mega Gyara is a NDM check, and yes, it boasts nice power.
Same with KW, it has nice power yeah, but something else may suit your team matter as it has a blazing weakness to Rocks and is setup fodder for CM and SD Ceus.

Also, Purple Gatorade is on the USUM Ubers Council also ;)
5 days ago by Assault Ποσειδώνας
I guess your team would appreciate a Perish Trapper like Gengar-M.
5 days ago by Assault Ποσειδώνας
Um pls don't mind me asking but why Mega Gyara and Kyurem-W? They're in the C and C- Ranks respectively, do they support your team in some way?
5 days ago by Assault Ποσειδώνας
I'm doing fine. And thanks.
May 5 by ManectricMadness
Hi! How are you?
May 5 by ManectricMadness
Sorry if that post before sounded a bit creepy, I just wanted to confirm, I meant nothing by it, and won't use that info for anything.
May 5 by MimikyuShadow
Are you really 13? I found it on a Meta q. You probably know the one.
May 4 by MimikyuShadow