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Gender: What do you think?!?!?
Country: Right here
Favorite Pokémon: Ferrothorn and Jirachi
Friend Codes: JCM on Feb. 16:

February 16, 2013
11:27 JCM: Fuck you guys
11:27 JCM: prof i will ban you
11:28 JCM: if you make a team with gligurr
11:28 JCM: because he annoys me
11:28 JCM: Kronos and slash will keep me informe
11:28 JCM: d
11:29 JCM: so do whats good for you
About me: I want to become a Pokemon breeder master.
I'm the Dragon E-4
~No entry hazards
~No weather
~Only 1 Ice/Water type
~ No Thunder Wave.
~ You may not rematch straight after the battle if you lose.
~No Baton Pass linking
Sir Sewaddle
(Flare has NOT defeated me before)

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Man you have to come back soon...I miss you and a load other do to XD
Sep 21, 2013 by PX
Hi XD (wonders when you'll see this...)
Aug 30, 2013 by Candle