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User Mystic Flygon

Member for: 5 years (since Feb 11, 2012)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Boy
Country: In The Pokemon World Route 111 That's where.In The Real World Norway.
Favorite Pokémon: Dragon: Flygon. Dark: Zoroark. Flying: Staraptor. Rock: Archeops. Ice: Kyurem. Ghost: Giratina-O. Normal: Porygon-Z. Fire: Charizard. Water: Milotic. Electric: Zapdos. Grass: Virizion. Fighting: Virizion. Poison: Gengar. Ground: Flygon. Psychic: Lugia. Bug: Yanmega. Steel: Skarmory.
Friend Codes: White: 4169 6371 5426

I will add more Friend Codes later
About me: My Tcg online name is TrapinchEQ

Why haven't they made any Flygon cards the newest one is Lv.X

Games i have:
Black & White.
Soul Silver.
Heart Gold.
Rumble Blast.
Mario kart 7.
New Super Mario Bros.

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