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Member for: 4 years (since Mar 18, 2013)
Type: Registered user
Gender: 15 year old Boy
Country: England,Bury.St.Edmunds
Favorite Pokémon: Espeon, Umbreon, Latias, Latios, Azumarill, Articuno, Lapras, Mew, Eevee, Furrut, Plusle, Minun, frostlass, shaymin, jirachi, dragonite, victini, misdreveus, mismageus, rhypherior, flygon, deoxys, jigglypuff, wigglytuff, igglybuff, Keldeo, skitty, delcatty, treeko, torchic, mudkip ...... should i just name the whole pokedex lol :)
Friend Codes: None
About me: My birthday is 20th January i like reading mangas and Obviously like POKEMON yayzies (means yay) Errrrrrrmmmmmmm im quite good at computing i love computer games especially my xbox 360 and my Ds Lite im hopeing to get wi-fi on my ds eventually and i love typing bit random oh and i like to draw aswell and write but not a very good drawer though Lol :) :) :) and at the moment i am at upper school lot of stress but its all fine so yeah i also like chatting a lot yayzies oh and by the way a big thanks to everyone who answed my questions. My favourite legendaries are articuno, mew, latios, latias, shaymin and jirachi. i like kindom of hearts, mangas yay, i.c.t, the sims, fable games, saints row, halo, pokemon games duhhh, chatting, typing, helping people, working, final fantasy, sonic the hedgehog, mario, purple fav colour, banjo and kazooie, fav manga is elemnetal gelade, metabots (acient), dragon ball z, articuno is my favourite legendary and the list keeps going ......... :) by the way sorry if im a bit weird hehehehe :) ? fav type is normal by the way yayzies :) i also like most roleplayiong games yayzies,Kirby   ....... and it still contiues when i remember :p , my fav manga is elemental gelade and i also like full metal alchemist yayzies, Demon diary, computers, pokemon so good i had to type to twice lol bye the way congratz if you have read this far lol :) ,

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