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Member for: 5 years (since Nov 9, 2012)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Definite Male <DEFINITE! Aged 14! My name is Mikel!
Country: USA<No more just to prevent stalking! LOLOLOL
Favorite Pokémon: I only have 3...Excadrill > Garchomp > Sceptile
Friend Codes: Er...No WiFi! So no friend code...BUT:
PS=(Pokemon Showdown): iBrawl
^^^Thats pretty much all I use to battle (apart from ingame/wireless/infra-red!^^^
About me: Since you want to know about me...Lets get on it!
Account finally made: 9/11/12
Passed 100 points:
Passed 200 points:
Passed 300 points:
Passed 400 points:
Passed 500 points:
That's all I'm gonna do until I get more...so I have to work hard!

I am EPIC! <Just a space filler<
I am NOT a noob. GRR

-Scizornician (Awesome battler and just awesome)
-Da Bomb118 (Cool guy, you are a really good battler)
-Dr. Flame (You gave me the tips to win battles)

I dunno...i'll edit later. YAY

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