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Gender: Penguin
Country: Antarctica, Born and Raised.
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took a teensy little break here ~~
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19,000 points: 13-14 December, 2016. Damn.
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About me: Hello, I'm Indi and I'm making an effort to become more active here. I'm a social wreck so I don't go into the chat often (don't worry, I'm not THAT interesting, but you can leave a wall post if you feel the urge to talk to me!). I hope I helped you with some question at some point.

I've been here three years and looking back on my time here, I realise how much I've changed. It might seem unnecessary, but I feel like I should describe an apology on behalf of my twelve-year-old self? I look back on stuff that I've said on this site and I realise how ignorant and offensive I probably was... some of you probably don't know or care but I know there are some people on here that really just loathed my mere existence because I was so ignorant. Eh, I've offered an apology - accept it if you feel you deserve it.

But it feels better having some time away from spamming answers. Plus I hate everything I've ever posted here. I might return someday but 17,000 is a good number.

Ya'll are still cool though, I guess.

I just wanna leave that paragraph up there for now but I reached 18k recently (nvm I reached 19k woah (20k dear god)) and the milestone has motivated to do some more answering so let the emancipation of Indi begin.

プロファイルを 読みます ありあとう。。。 ええと、 私は 日本語が 上手 でした こと 言いません。 :/ (I'm Australian not Japanese btw lol)
(Updated: 12/02/16) (yeah I know the date and the month are backwards but your hemisphere just sucks okay)

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My gosh I just realized that my Zygarde comment sounded sort of rude. I'm sorry D:
Apr 15 by Astronautical
Jeez it's Indi

How are you not editor yet? Thought you'd have replaced my fat ass by now AHAHA.

Good to see you active still. Might see you around, take care fellow Aussie :P
Apr 6 by Sempiternus
woah you're rich
Apr 2 by MeowingHorse
Mar 29 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Club Penguin is shutting down.
I intended to post this as a genuinely sentimental post but then I realised my gender is listed as 'Penguin' so I should make some empowering, humorous statement about the impending apocalypse of my kind shouldn't I
Mar 6 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Woah, I knew you live in Antarctica, but it never occurred to me that you are a penguin. :o
Feb 20 by Elapras
Congrats on 20k
Feb 4 by A Geeky Jawa
At this point I'm starting to doubt that it's a tomato.
Feb 2 by Astronautical
Also thanks for the good luck! Good luck to you too in...whatever you're doing next. It means a lot to me :3
Feb 2 by PX
Well probably 19, but yeah same difference. Me and fiancee' are working on a cheap house to rent, we can get a place for £100~ a week which is actually really good.
Feb 2 by PX