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Favorite Pokémon: Gyarados, Arcanine, Rayquaza, Emolga, Zapdos, Togedemaru, Toxtricity, Togekiss, Dragonite, Hydreigon, Salalmence, Mimikyu.
Friend Codes: Showdown: Rayquazachu
inactive though
About me: hey nerds im draco :P

i like minecraft, punk rock music and dystopian future novels.

im mainly on here to piss around on chat when im bored (very often lmao).

"yo mama" is one of the least funny things ever said. like wtf is so funny about the person who created you.

favourite songs:
the sound of the suburbs (the members)
going underground (the jam)
blitzkreig bop (ramones)
alternative ulster (stiff little fingers)
stay free (the clash)
oh bondage up y***s (x-ray spex)
hong kong garden (the banshees)
new rose (the damned)
god save the queen (sex pistols)
immigrant song (led zeppelin)
vindicted (the slits)
cherry bomb (the runaways)
kick out the jams (mc5)
search and destroy (the stooges)
jet boy (new york dolls)


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:O Did I miss it? What are they?
4 days ago by -MegaManectric-
the next person to post on my wall wins a very special prize
 29 minutes ago by ~DracoMeteor~
4 days ago by -MegaManectric-
the next person to post on my wall wins a very special prize
4 days ago by ~DracoMeteor~
Okay thanks!
Nov 16 by Astrid Sol
Ohh neat combo i’m guessi g its a dark purple?
Nov 15 by Astrid Sol
Hi there! I started a hobby today i started making bracelets and making a “collection” the thems us DB user names and their fave colors i need yiur 2 faves if you don’t mind me making a Draco/Meteor set
Nov 15 by Astrid Sol
Nov 13 by Draco Magnis
Of course you're not. I never keep weak pets
Nov 12 by Draco Magnis
My site anniversary two days ago just remembered <3
Nov 11 by ~DracoMeteor~
Woah you seem mad.

Okay so i’ll look up The Clash again

I don’t knos why it says that all i changed was the name except on Raiden and his i only changed the gods name you don’t need to get all worked up about it you sound more ticked than annoyed it’s not like i’m doing that stuff on purpose and if you think i am yiur not a very good judge of my character...

Wow i sound like Fenton anyway just repax and i’ll fix it.
Nov 7 by Astrid Sol