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Site Updates — 17 July, 2013

Congratulations! Your favourite website evolved into VERSION 3!

Welcome to the new Pokémon Database! This redesign has been a long time in the works, and has been developed in parallel with updates to the existing site (which at times was a pain in the butt). In many ways it has literally evolved as Scyther has been replaced by Scizor in the header.

Most of the site was redeveloped from scratch, and every page on the site has been reformatted (even if a lot of pages look very similar). We have also moved to a brand new server which should be a lot faster and fix some of the problems we have been having recently. Redoing a site from scratch also throws away a bunch of unused cruft in the coding behind the website and makes it a bit more streamlined.

One of the biggest changes is that the same site is also formatted for mobiles and tablets, using a process called responsive design. If you are on a desktop/laptop you can try shrinking your browser window and see what happens! Along with this we have discontinued the web app we made previously; it hadn't really worked for a while and was difficult to keep it up-to-date with the latest information. If you need a phone app that works offline I recommend the official one by The Pokémon Company. Search your phone's app store to find it. Or check out Pokédex 3D Pro in the 3DS eShop.

And as if the new design wasn't exciting enough, we have a ton of new content!

  • New base pages for every main series Pokémon game, listing the main features and changes. They are all accessible from the Pokémon games menu above. See Red/Blue for an example.
  • A full, dynamic HM chart for each game, allowing you to find which Pokémon learn which HMs, e.g. Gold & Silver HMs.
  • TM pages for each game, e.g. Ruby & Sapphire TMs.
  • Gym Leader & Elite Four Pokémon for every game, e.g. Emerald gym leaders & Elite Four. The type section now lists major trainers of that type from all the games as well.
  • Pokédex pages now have a short introduction to each Pokémon. This is a work in progress but it would not be possible without the fantastic help of our community! You can join in as well here.
  • Incidentally, all the Pokédex pages have been redesigned. They now use fewer tabs in all the sections. The list of moves uses one set of tabs for the game list instead of tabs above every different method of learning moves. When Pokémon have forms, there are now only two sets of tabs (one at the top and one above the moves) instead of five.
  • A new Size Pokédex in which you can filter and sort Pokémon by height or weight.
  • A new competitive stat Pokédex which lists combinations of Pokémon stats such as Attack+Speed for physical sweeper, HP+Defense+Sp.Def for walls and so on.
  • PokéBase has been upgraded. The main feature is a new wall where you can post (public) messages for another user.
  • We have also started work on an items section that has details for every usable item from the games. This is a big work in progress and will be filled out soon. For now it has some basic descriptions.
  • A new About page with a bit of information about the site and our history. Plus a new simpler way to contact us!

I hope you enjoy the new site as much as I continually enjoy making it. If you spot any problems with the site, particularly on a mobile or tablet device, please let us know about it on Meta-Pokébase here. Thanks!

Now that the redesign is done we should have more frequent content updates. I want to continue to build the best resource for Pokémon fans on the internet, and develop a great community of Pokéfans here with a new forum coming soon. And lots more besides!

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