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Site Updates — 04 September, 2010

Things may have seemed a little quiet on the main site for a while, but that's because I have been redeveloping the site for the past few weeks. The biggest change is behind the scenes; we're now using the CodeIgniter PHP framework to power things and the site was basically rebuilt from scratch.

Going forward this should allow for lots more updates to come more quickly, which is good news. But it wasn't just "hidden" changes by any means - we've added a bunch of new content all over the place! It's a lot of small additions but when writing this list they really started adding up. Continue below for the whole list, but it includes a new pokedex with egg moves, tutor moves and forme information, plus a big breeding guide.

I've also made a big addition to PokeBase: a meta site. Meta is a word referring to the self. After a few months of great questions and answers about Pokemon, it became clear that many users also have questions about this site, including how the Q&A works, or suggestions for new pokedex features.

The meta site is the place to ask all these questions! If you have registered on the main PokeBase site you will get automatically logged in to the meta site. There will be no points on the meta site and it will not affect your points on PokeBase. There may be a few errors here and there but we'll be ironing them out asap.

Here is what you can now see on Pokemon Database:

  • New Pokedex pages with improved layout and extra features: min/max stats, gender distribution, catch rate, HG/SS pokedex descriptions and pokeathlon stars.
  • Alternate forme information in Pokedex (see Shaymin's Pokedex for example).
  • Better descriptions for some attacks, and out-of-battle effects where appropriate - see for example Grass Knot and Secret Power. More coming!
  • Better tabular data across the site, including improved sorting and filtering (see the movedex and HM chart for examples).
  • Egg moves & Move Tutor moves.
  • New breeding guide section including pokemon egg groups.
  • Items in Pokewalker section
  • More sprites, plus I fixed the various issues with missing/incorrect sprites across the site.
  • Evolution by happiness and non-evolution.
  • Individual Values guide
  • Gym leaders listed on type pages
  • More maps/puzzles from several games, old and new. With thanks to our helpers, Swampert and DarthDestiny.

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