More confirmed English names

Pokémon Black & White — 29 December, 2010

Nintendo has confirmed more Pokemon, move and ability names.

Pokemon names:

  • Chillarmy is now known as Minccino. Its name comes from Mink and Chinchilla on which it is based.
  • Mamepato is now known as Pidove, a cross between birds Pigeon and Dove.
  • Munna keeps its Japanese name, a cross between moon and lunar.
  • Shimama is now known as Blitzle. Its name comes from the word blitz.
  • Hihidaruma is now known as Darmanitan. Both names refer to the Japanese Daruma doll and a species of monkey - the former a baboon and the latter an orangutan.
  • Gear is now known as Klink, which refers to the noise of two metal surfaces touching.
  • Meguroko is now known as Sandile - as you can guess, a cross between sand and crocodile
  • Gigaiasu is now known as Gigalith, from the prefix giga meaning large, and the suffix lith meaning rock.

New move names:

New ability names:

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