Sheer Force (ability)


Sheer Force increases the power of moves that have beneficial secondary effects by 30%, but removes those additional effects.

Beneficial effects are defined as those that are positive for the user, such as:

  • Causing a status condition on the opponent (e.g. Thunderbolt)
  • Reducing the opponent's stats (e.g. Crunch)
  • Increasing the user's stats (e.g. AncientPower)

Non-beneficial effects, that Sheer Force will not activate for, include:

If the user is holding a Life Orb and uses an attack that activates Sheer Force, it will not receive the 10% damage from Life Orb, but it gets boosts from both Life Orb and Sheer Force (total of 69% base power increase).


Flamethrower normally has a 10% chance to burn the opponent. With Sheer Force, Flamethrower's base power is boosted from 95 to 124, but it will never cause a burn.

Note that if a move has an advantageous and disadvantageous side-effect, Sheer Force still boosts the move but only the advantageous effect is removed. For example, Flare Blitz may cause a burn but also has recoil damage. A Pokémon with Sheer Force using the move would gain the power increase and still receive recoil damage, but it would never cause a burn.

Moves affected

Here are the moves that increase in power under Sheer Force, listed alphabetically:

Game descriptions

Black 2​/​White 2
Removes added effects to increase move damage.
Removes additional effects to increase move damage.
Ultra Sun​/​Ultra Moon
Removes additional effects to increase the power of moves when attacking.