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Gender: Female
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: My favorite Grass type and overall favorite is Leafeon! My favorite Bug Type is Joltik/Galvantula My favorite Fairy type is Slyveon My Favorite Dark type is Zoroak My favorite Normal type is Dunsparce/Eevee My favorite Dragon type would be Noivern/appletun My favorite Water type is Seismitoad My favorite Rock Type is Sudowoodo and the Lycanrocs And My favorite Flying type is Archeops.
Friend Codes: My Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-4706-0035-3133

[Feel free to add me! =) ]
About me: Hi, I guess Introductions or something...? Well I'm Baimber and I am really bad at comp in Pokémon :)
I post movesets here and there, they usually are weird since I am horrible at doing movesets. But if you see any of my posts you'll know why they are not that good lol.

My favorite Pokèmon Games: Sun& Moon/Ultra Sun & Moon, Platinum, Omega Ruby, Pokémon X&Y, SWSH, & Pokémon Diamond & Pearl.

I have only been playing Pokémon for around 5-6 years, so if I make tons of mistakes I apologize upon that. :>

But yep that's about it, I have nothing else to share- thanks for checking out my page UwU 》》

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hi for the 3rd time
Nov 20 by mega mismagius
Nov 17 by Mr. Beast™
Nov 4 by mega mismagius
Yep! I love friendship evolutions. :3
Nov 3 by Fenton Force
That's a cute Grav.
Nov 2 by Fenton Force
Nov 2 by mega mismagius
Cute grav
Nov 2 by Mr. Beast™
yeah i cant wait for hisuian zoroark and your new grav is adorable fall leafeon should be a thing
Nov 2 by mega mismagius
you active?
Nov 1 by mega mismagius
Oct 22 by mega mismagius