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Gender: Boy
Country: Johto
Favorite Pokémon: 1. Spheal 2. Empoleon 3. Piplup 4. Frogadier 5. Blaziken 6. Sawsbuck 7. Gallade 8. Ribombee 9. Toxapex
Friend Codes: 3DS=  2380-8370-8508
Showdown Username: Mangos0910
Eastern Time Zone
Name Changes:
Mangos0910 --> Spheal
About me: I got my first ever shiny pokemon! It was a male Ralts with a naughty nature! It all began when I got Pokemon Soulsilver for Christmas. I played through it a lot of times, but I did not like my team so I restarted. I promised myself this would be the playthrough that I finally beat the champion. I became the champion and got all the Kanto gym badges. I wanted to try to complete the pokedex so I picked Gallade because it is my seventh favorite pokemon and because it is a good false swipper. I checked how to get it and I figured out you get it by going on the Pokegear and listening to a certain radio station and they will say a random pokemon from a list of pokemon and that pokemon is available for that day. I had bad luck and it never got picked from that list, so I took a break for a day and tried again the next day. The  first pokemon they called on the radio was a Ralts. Promising! So I went to Route 34 and saved. I wanted a adamant or jolly natured Gallade. I kept resetting for a good nature and a shiny male Ralts just popped up. I was shaking and sweating, so I just throwed the master ball. I was so excited! I tried to shiny hunt in the ultra wormholes in Ultra Sun, but I had no luck (even though it is a broken method), but I got a random shiny Ralts that had a 1 in 8192 chance to spawn.

Favorite region:
1. Johto
2. Unova
3. Hoenn
4. Sinnoh
5. Alola
6. Kalos
7. Kanto
8. Galar (Sorry if anyone really likes Galar, but I just don't like it)

Favorite starter of each region:
Kanto: Bulbasaur
Johto: Cyndaquill
Hoenn: Torchic
Sinnoh: Piplup
Unova: Oshawott
Kalos: Froakie
Alola: Litten
Galar: Sobble

Ranking Eevee evolutions:
1. Leafeon
2. Espeon
3. Umbreon
4. Sylveon
5. Jolteon
6. Glaceon
7. Vaporeon
8. Flareon

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Yeah, maybe.
5 days ago by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
I am gonna do a Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu Monotype Nuzlocké run, and I can’t decide on a type. Ideas?
6 days ago by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
Mar 30 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
Rock Smash Lugia.
Mar 2 by Ignis Aqua Herba
Hello there!!!
Nov 16, 2020 by user74534
Haha thank you lol
Nov 10, 2020 by Kyogre71
little late, but welcome!
Oct 29, 2020 by ~megaltaria~
Nice grav
Oct 16, 2020 by Kyogre71
Sep 30, 2020 by JaJaDingDong
Welcome to Pokebase!
Sep 29, 2020 by Kyogre71