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Gender: Swiftie
Country: Do minica !
Favorite Pokémon: Cascoon, Eevee, LettuceHead, Espathryass, Tinkaton, not Smoliv, not Silcoon, Hisuian Zoroark, Galarian Articuno, Copperajah, Clobbopus, Snom, Dragalge, Dreepy, Rellor stinks!, Oinkologne!!!!!, (sucks), Tropius, Gothitelle, Exeggcute, Dududunsparse
Friend Codes: You probably don’t annoy me…

Unless you’re the person that spam downvoted my answers :/

Or if you are a Silcoon supporter, because #silcoondeservesnorights
About me: CASCOON SUPREMACY!!! #cascoongang4life

~~ c is for charming ~~
** a is for amazing **
// s is for stunning //
[ c is for cunning ]
( o is for observant )
!! o is for obtainable !!
^^ n is for niftier than silcoon ^^

silcoon sucks!

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Tagliatella ******* SLAYS. You are, however, neglecting to consider the glory of Havocado.
Feb 27 by Amethyst
We *literally* do not need to talk about that. Talk about Steve instead
Feb 27 by Amethyst
Someone at Game Freak was hired to come up with that. They need to be more selective :clown:
Feb 27 by Amethyst
Feb 15 by Amethyst
Counterpoint: the mockingjays don't exist and as such, they are SiLeNt
Feb 14 by Amethyst
Exhibit B: Birds
Feb 14 by Amethyst
Something something you can't keep me silent
Feb 14 by Amethyst
Oh trust me, this is well-warranted
Feb 14 by Amethyst
Reminder that I have the power to bAn you from this website!
Feb 14 by Amethyst
The one that lives on Mulberry Lane?!
Feb 12 by Amethyst