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You'll find me on Discord most of the time. I respond to messages pretty quickly, so if you want to get ahold of me, contact me there.

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Now that the Wildlings have been named, I shall tell you a boring story I made up one night about them.

Basically, Conrad and Zephyr are good friends and consider each other brothers. Worth mentioning because it's bloody adorable. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, Zephyr really looks up to Conrad, and Conrad appreciates having a 'little brother' around because he's lonely. True, all the Wildlings are technically lonely because their parents are dead, but his loneliness is more important because I say so. So everything's going fine. But then Conrad gets real fed up with Archie's antics. He believes Archie is a selfish brat for hoarding food and all (I mean he doesn't even eat all of it and some of it goes bad), and they get into a fight. It's real funny to imagine Conrad just knocking him over with one blow, but moving on. This isn't the last fight they get into, though. At some point, a bit of food goes missing from Archie's hoard, and he freaks out when he notices Conrad with it. This time, he's the one being aggressive first. But then there's a bigger fight later on, right in public when a lot of the Wildlings are around. Conrad confronts Archie again, and he seems to have the intention to attack him. As I said, he has a temper. This actually kinda scares Archie, because Conrad's tougher than he looks, but he stands his ground. But before Conrad can land a blow, Zephyr comes out of nowhere and barrels into him. Poor Conrad's too stunned and confused to know how to react, so he just watches and attempts to get up as Zephyr tries to comfort Archie as if they're best buds. The next thing he knows, his little brother Zephyr's spending all his time with his new friend, Archie, and none with him. Archie is very happy that Zephyr 'saved' him, and actually shares some of his food. Zephyr is Archie's first friend, so of course he opens the food vault. So while things are going great for Zephyr and Archie, not so much for Conrad. He's completely confused as to why Zephyr abandoned him when they were so close. After all, he didn't do anything wrong. It's not like Zephyr was buddies with Archie before, and the brat had it coming. As you can expect, Conrad is sad. Sad Conrad.

And that's about all I had.
3 hours ago by Yuya the Goggles
I dunno.
5 hours ago by -WhiteFire-
Not really feeling close anymore. Feeling like I've moved to a different planet, adopted new customs and traditions, then moved back, feeling like the dark in the light, the first thing I said.
6 hours ago by -WhiteFire-
Getting the truth off my heart feels good.
And yes, I am.
6 hours ago by -WhiteFire-
6 hours ago by -WhiteFire-
I didn't say love. I said like. And I meant it in a friendly sense.
7 hours ago by -WhiteFire-
Mr. Beast
1 day ago by Stephwheel8
How would you know that? I could be in possession of one (which I am) but choose not to show it. Someone could be in possession of say, 100 dollars, but just because they don't show it doesn't mean they don't have it.

I have a feeling you're trying to share more about me than I know about me, which you're doing a terrible job at.
1 day ago by -WhiteFire-
"You don't show your fun personality" You admitted I have one but said I don't show it (true)
"you don't have one" you said I don't have one, although you just admitted to it.

So, which one is it, expert?
2 days ago by -WhiteFire-
It's not about recognizing if I do have it, it's about recognizing when I show it.
2 days ago by -WhiteFire-