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Gender: Male
Country: Australia
Favorite Pokémon: Salamence
Friend Codes: SW-0477-1565-7989
About me: I go by the name Fizz on this website. I do mod stuff here — leave me a message if you need anything!

I am a full-time student beyond this site. The best way to contact me privately is through my Discord, which is Lockgd#4016. I also run the &fizz_db alt on the DB Showdown server.

Currently in Adelaide — please forgive my intermittent activity!

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Hi Fizz, could you check the IP of this user: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/Momo1234567890 and see if it is connected to me Fieri and Alzefeo please? It doesn't look like anything, but I am just curious. Thanks in advance.
11 hours ago by Alolan Vulpix
I don't know about you, but I personally don't like talking about common sense because I don't understand how you can expect different people to have the same common sense. So the other explanation is "everyone hates those kinds of questions"?
15 hours ago by sumwun
How do you know they don't have real answers?
2 days ago by sumwun
Can you not be so quick to close "Game Freak logic" questions? Some of them, like "Why does curse have 2 different effects?" have real answers.
3 days ago by sumwun
Thanks, I just wanted to make sure I could: I wouldn't want to type a lengthy post just to have it closed/hidden. :P
3 days ago by Stakatacool
Okay, good luck! And yes, I'm doing fine :) (I THINK). I also just finished editing my first compilation video.
3 days ago by Azelfeo
Is it okay if I make a post in meta about something with similar "rules/likeness" to this
( https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/18099/create-a-pokemon-thread ) thread, but about this ( https://www.smogon.com/articles/super-staff-bros-brawl ) topic? I already did this ( https://pastebin.com/VupNFZZ5 ), but it is far from finished, and I not only wanted to ask the community about it since it involves talking about what people to include, who not to, who wants to, who doesn't, etc., which involves discussing with everyone (which is lengthy via wall posts only), and I think that it will get at least similar input that the CAP thread did. :P

Of course, I will makes detailed rules for what people shouldn't do in the post. It would be chaotic if I said they could do anything; there has to be some limits to the roster, who qualifies for it, and brokenness prevention. :P

Besides, if it gets a lot of activity, it'll be the most meta activity in a while. Not like we would be missing many (if that many happen in a month) important meta posts. :P
3 days ago by Stakatacool
How's life?
4 days ago by Azelfeo
Syure :)
5 days ago by SeeYaLater!
I'ma get my Disc back soon.
So, you remember the 'Discord names in the DB' thread I told to you?
5 days ago by SeeYaLater!