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I was shocked to see that i run another account. I asked everyone in my home that who do this. I found that my cousin made this account on my phone. When i went out, she uses this. I am furious at her. Also, she has asked 4 ques and i have answered 2 of it, so i am hiding them. Her phone was broken, so she do this. And she made another account named sappire rocks. I found it on my phone's google account settings. Block this account quickly.
2 hours ago by Rahat Hasan
Nice, i didn't knew  the other two, they seems to be interesting games. Are you playing the Ultra sun and moon?
6 days ago by Olli
Wich game you have playing on the last days?
Feb 12 by Olli
Hey Fizz, how is going? Playing any game theese days?
Feb 11 by Olli
Thanks Fizz! I had to send a friend request bc it won't accept messages otherwise apparently.
Feb 7 by Poke'slash
I would love that link! I recently started using Discord and I'm fairly active on two servers.

I definitely was really upset for a while, especially since those games and their Pokemon (and other data for other games) held a lot of meaning for me. It's all right, although I keep thinking I have cartridges I don't. I do have all my trading cards still and luckily didn't lose Pokemon X or Super Mystery Dungeon, or any of my Gameboy cartridges.
Feb 7 by Poke'slash
Sounds great! i'm a little out of the loop. I got my several of my game cards stolen AND lost my Moon cartridge. Hoping to pick it back up again but I haven't felt ready to start with a new team yet.

I'm interested in helping out on the DB if you need anything, but otherwise will probably just take the activity as it comes. Not sure how regular I'll be posting but hoping to stick around bit.
Feb 6 by Poke'slash
Hey Fizz. Dunno if you remember me but I used to be super active here so hopefully I made an impression. :P
I came on to say hi to people and check out some of the updates. I haven't logged in in months.
I just wanted to say i'm really glad to see the DB is still updating and doing okay, and that you're active along with PX, Sciz, and several other users I was hoping to check in on. Best wishes, and post to my wall if you need anything! - Love to all of you, Poke'/
Feb 5 by Poke'slash
Alright, cool! Thank you so much; that's been really bothering me since day 1!
Feb 3 by Finchwidget
This is extraordinarily trivial so if you don't want to that's fine, but can you get rid of the "weird looking" part of the title of this question? It's always bugged me ever since I noticed it, especially since it's a moveset question: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/7753/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-the-weird-looking-probopass?show=7753#q7753
Feb 2 by Finchwidget