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Member for: 5 years (since Jul 29, 2012)
Type: Registered user
Gender: I'm a girl, nice to meet you! ❤:)
Country: ❤Canada❤
Favorite Pokémon: I like lots of Pokemon but, my three favorites are Lilligant, Lopunny and Togekiss!❤
Friend Codes: I'm very new to Pokemon black and white and I'm not very good but, here's my friend code : 4599 6546 8479. Thanks to anyone who adds me! ❤bye!❤
About me: I really love Pokemon! So cute yet so strong! I own Pokemon Platinum and White. Currently, I'm playing White, just wifi battling. I'm very new to wifi battling so if you request a battle, I won't put up much of a fight. All my Pokemon are level 74 and I'm trying to get them to 100. I usually only want flat battles due to my levels. So, I guess you've been wondering about my team? Well, here it is!

Samurott " Luigi "
Simisear " Marc "
Musharna " Catherine "
❤Lilligant❤ " Petal "
Vanilluxe " Snowhite:) "
Braviary " Sky Soldier "

I know, I know, the balance is horrible. Rock and Bug types will overtake me any day. Negativity aside, I love my Pokemon. Each of them has proved their worthy of being along side me. As we defeated gyms, the elite four, N and Ghetsis, I've grown to love all of them. Our bond is what lead us to where we are now. Judge me if you want. I'll always love them. I use failures as catalysts to seek victory. I'm not about power or defense. I use mistakes from the past to find paths to win. Winning is winning. Losing is losing. But, a match is always about the fun. Thank you to everyone who helped me build my self esteem and confidence at the start. I love you all! ❤Bye!❤

Special thanks to :
Freeze Shock
Mr. Boss
Speed Freak

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