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Member for: 9 years (since Jul 3, 2011)
Type: Moderator
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Gender: Genderless
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: Mew, Snivy, Empoleon, Marshadow
Friend Codes: 3DS: 1006-2980-3522
About me: Hiya, it's Mewderator, but most people call me Mew :)

College has been real busy for the past few years. Sorry for being inactive!

Activity by Mewderator

Score: 4,052 points (ranked #1)
Questions: 207 (47 with best answer chosen)
Answers: 64 (33 chosen as best)
Comments: 637
Voted on: 94 questions, 67 answers
Gave out: 160 up votes, 1 down vote
Received: 349 up votes, 7 down votes

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1 day ago by —Marill4Life—
This person just joined chat talking about private stuff. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/dexy
Jan 29 by —Marill4Life—
Post something random on my wall pls
Jan 26 by Xurkit
Can i get an uwu?
Jan 26 by TY ™
Mewderator (idle)

Like literally every time I go to the chat.
Jan 14 by Stephwheel8
I somewhere read that you were banned sometimes. Is it true? (Also big fan of yours LoL)
Jan 13 by hoennseptile
Could you approve my answer please?
Jan 12 by —Marill4Life—
Mewderator: Portmanteau of Mew and Moderator. Legendary hero of Pokémon Database. No. 1 user in terms of points, with 72,280 as of right now. I shall now initiate greeting.

Hello! :)
Jan 12 by Spex
this is the list of user names for all the annoying kids in my school that have come here to bother me that i have seen strumptrain, trumptrain123, hidden from biden, cullen is weird, TheFisher, cullen smart, hope this helps
Jan 12 by awesomeccas
Big fan of legendary Mewderator :O Is it true that now you're back again to chat?
Jan 12 by Swastik