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Member for: 4 years (since Mar 27, 2013)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Male
Country: America, Alabama to be more specific
Favorite Pokémon: Snivy, Dedenne, Beautifly, Furret, Luxray, Delcatty, Ambipom
Friend Codes: 1564-6154-7504
About me: I love all of y'all and everyone here is important to me, some more than others. I love Pokemon and I do play Pokemon Go #TeamValor. Don't be afraid to chat with me and always happy hunting :D
Will knows of my existence!!!!

So here's my wall and WARNING: YOU'RE ABOUT TO FIND THINGS OUT ABOUT ME. You've been warned.
First on my list:
- I LOVE Icing. Know this may come as a surprise to you but what you call frosting i call Icing. and not just Icing as (I SING) but Icing as in Icin' (I SIN) like i say in a really southern accent. Also i can just spoon it all day long like just a spoon and a tub of icing is enough to make me happy.
-I absolutely love British people. They say some of the funniest things and dear god their accents just make it all better. My favorite sayings by British people are:
    "Did good you" -I think that's what they say I'm not sure
    Anything with bloody or fancy is really funny too.
Fun Fiction about British people- They can't taste the salt in salted caramel.
- I love sayings all together really fun stuff to say:

"Apple Pie without Cheese is a Kiss without a Squeeze."- Nancy Fuller

" You two should spend some time apart " [fires an arrow] -Steven Universe

"It's not going to be an open casket" - Hansel and Gretel
"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired"

"Underneath the multiple layers of asshole, you seem like a good guy" -Wynonna Earp

Also im gay.....but you probably already knew that XD

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Also, in GT in moon. I am trading for my last ultra beast for a pink mew. So, help me spread the word.
Jul 3 by sheepman1306
It's been like this for days on chat!!!
Jul 3 by sheepman1306
Happy Easter!!!!
Apr 15 by sheepman1306
I'm all over the map for music; I don't have a favorite genre, persay.
Jan 17 by Finchwidget
Ohhh... I don't really follow country music that closely, so...
Jan 15 by Finchwidget
Neon : Mitch say hey n he say that he hope you doing well
Jan 14 by - Toxic Kyurem (Icy)
No... who's Tim McGRAW?????
Jan 13 by Finchwidget
Huh, really? That must get pretty annoying...
Also, who's Tim McGraw?
Jan 13 by Finchwidget
It is pretty huge, but also pretty quiet... But yeah, it does sound like it's bigger XD
Jan 9 by Finchwidget
It's the suburbs, basically, but if like the suburbs started to take over.
It's really just a huge suburban town with a highway through the middle, but I like it!
Jan 3 by Finchwidget