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Country: Ireland
Favorite Pokémon: Jeez there’s a lot. There’s the Slowpoke line (Galarian and Normal), the Charcadet line, Dondozo, the Applin line, the Mudsdale line, the Mudkip line, the Sceptile line, the Kommo’o line, the Tepig line, the Zigsagsoon line, Snorlax (duh), Sigilyph , the Totodile line and many more
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About me: I’m am person with perfectly good taste (Gen 7 is good!) Other then that, I can’t say anything for copyright reasons :)

Shinies I’ve caught/bred:
Oddish in Let’s Go Pikachu
Gyarados in Omega Ruby
Alolan Grimer, Wishiwashi, Slowpoke, Alolan Rattata and Oshawott in Moon
Galarian Mr Mime and Kyreum in in a Dynamax Adventure
Miltank, Jolteon, Rhydon and Swablu( full odds) in Pokémon Go
And Decidueye, Ursaluna, Basculegio, Graveler, Silcoon, Staravia, Turtwig, Lickytung, Heracross, Haunter and Shinx and many more in Pokémon Legends: Arceus
All the Scarlet Paradox Pokémon, Clodsire, Armarouge, Dondozo, Goodra, Baxcalibur in Scarlet and many more

I have a fully shiny competitive team in Scarlet and Violet which is pretty good. It’s Hydriegon, Indeedee, Toedscruel, Kingambit,  Armarouge and Great Tusk

Sorry if I’m flexing but I’m proud of these Pokémon

Favorite Pokemon by Type:
Normal: Snorlax/Tauros/Ditto
Fire: Talonflame/ Arcanine
Water: Swampert/Slowking
Grass: Hisuian Decidueye/Bulbasaur
Electric: Galvantula/Pinchurchin
Ice: Kyurem
Fighting: Sirfetch’d
Poison: Alolan Muk
Ground: Mudsdale
Flying: Sigyliph
Psychic: Armarouge
Bug: Scyther
Rock: Tyrantrum
Ghost: Alolan Marowak
Dragon: Goodra/Hisuian Goodra
Dark: Hydriegon/Tyranitar
Steel: Kingambit/Metagross
Fairy: Dachsbun

---Put--- this--- ribbon--- on--- your--- wall---- if--- you---- think---- neither---- Absol---- nor---- Umbreon---- are--- cool--- and---- Sharpedo--- is--- way--- cooler---- than--- both---- of---- them.---

People who are smart on this site: Amethyst
Crystal Mayblach

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Mar 10 by Redvolt77
Thanks! What are your favorites?
Sep 18, 2022 by Redvolt77
And welcome to the site!
Apr 25, 2022 by Redvolt77
Nice Ribbon! *Applause*
Apr 25, 2022 by Redvolt77
I am 8 and you can't prove me wrong! 3=(
Jan 31, 2022 by Light Hope ♡
I'm a bit late, but welcome to the site! Make sure to read the rules. :)
Jan 16, 2022 by xPsydxck
hii. welcome.
Jan 7, 2022 by sumwun