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Gender: I identify as an attack helicopter
Country: the Kalos region probably
Favorite Pokémon: Sylveon (I like all eeveelutions, but Sylveon is superior) , Blaziken, Greninja, Decidueye (best starters in terms of design, FIGHT ME) Gallade, Gardevoir (their Megas tho...), Absol, Zacian, Xerneas, Zygarde, Altaria, Corviknight, Alolan Ninetales, Marshadow, Galarian Rapidash and all the Pseudo legendaries (my personal favorites are Salamence, Metagross and Dragapult)
Friend Codes: i don't have any friends here at the moment, but hopefully that will change :)
About me: I was born on my birthday
[serious] hmmm.... where do I start?
Okay I think I got it. Hello, I'm thelazyegg. I'm into Pokemon, K-pop, Broadway Musicals, Minecraft, Studio Ghibli movies and being lazy (hence my username). I really enjoy browsing the internet, reading, battling on Pokemon Showdown, drawing, handlettering, listening to music, taking in bits of random knowledge and taking naps when I can. I like cute and/or aesthetic things.

My favorite Kpop groups (there's more but these are just my top 10):
10 Dreamcatcher (love them so much their concepts are a breath of fresh air in K-pop) bias: Sihyeon
9 Blackpink (could have been higher if they had more comebacks) bias: Rose
8 CLC (deserve more than what Cube ent. gave them) bias: Yeeun
7 Iz*one (they should be a permanent group) bias: Chaeyeon
6 Itzy (no bad comebacks, ever) bias: Ryujin
5 Pentagon (everyone loved Shine, but where did you all go when Naughty Boy dropped?) bias: Jinho
4 (G)i-dle (I love their concepts and songs because they're all so unique) bias: Yuqi
3 Red Velvet (every concept is different, but they manage to pull everything off) bias: Wendy
2 Twice (why wouldn't I stan the nation's girl group?) bias: Momo
1 BTS (not gonna explain how talented, inspiring and entertaining they are) ultimate bias: Namjoon

My favorite Musicals (in no particular order cuz I can't choose)
Hamilton (no matter how many times I listen to the sound track, I will never be satisfied~~ heh)
Dear Evan Hansen ("I like this musical" "who says that?" "I love this musical")
Six (divorced, beheaded died, divorced, beheaded, survived... and tonight we are... LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE)
Beetlejuice (recently discovered it, liking it so far)
Heathers (sHuT uP hEaThEr)

Studio Ghibli movies that get a 10/10 from me ( I watched others, but these are my favorite so far. I also never watched every single Studio Ghibli movie ever made like Porco Rosso and The Wind Rises)
Ponyo (the characters and the art is adorable)
Laputa: Castle in the Sky (too bad Laputa got destroyed)
My neighbor Totoro (iconic)
From up on Poppy Hill (so underrated, the art and the storyline is great imo)
Spirited Away (also iconic)
Kiki's delivery service  (iconic #3)
overall: Studio Ghibli never disappoints

Other random things I like
Gudetama (is known as the lazy egg, hence my username)
BT21 (my favorite is Koya)
Bubble tea
Brush pens
Over-sized sweaters (I live somewhere with a hot climate so I can't wear this on a regular basis or even at all Q-Q)
Food (except one thing, which I'll mention later)

Things I don't like:
Mint chocolate (ew)
Spiders (really small ones are fine but the really big ones like the huntsman spider *I got chills while searching up the name of that really big spider I don't wanna do that again* are terrifying)
Cockroaches (when they start flying)
Talent Shows or Reality TV (they are all so fake and scripted)
Having to go back to school ( the stress keeps me up at night)
The fact that we are nothing but a spec of dust on a lost floating rock in space and anything we do or anything that we have achieved won't matter at the end of the day because we will all die one day and there will be no one to remember us or our achievements  (yeah, pretty self explanatory)

Well, I guess thats all. I'll probably update this if I have more to add.

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