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Gender: A [Fe]male Zoroark (They'll never figure out)
Country: Texas
Favorite Pokémon: Serperior
Friend Codes: Black fc : 1808-5569-6448 (It changes constantly, it never stays the same, don't ask me why.)
Name : Master

3DS: 1650-2045-3885
Mii: Joshy Kaza (Warning, May look ridiculous)
About me: I have played Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, FireRed, LeafGreen, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White, Black 2, White 2, Pokepark 2 : Wonders beyond, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Pokemon Ranger, Ranger : Shadows of Almia, Ranger : Guardian Signs, Pokepark : Pikachu's adventure and the legend and urban myth.....Pokemon Black. That game was creepy and just flat out weird but awesome. I obviously have a lot of experience in pokemon. I am a very serious trainer who loves to raise his pokemon and care for them. I have even played hacked rom games. Those are messed up but super fun. Catch ya later!

Friends list

Clueless Ponyta
Mewderator (Because he comes to the rescue when someone is violating the chat room and can be extremely funny lol)
Erapidash (A.K.A Eppy or Erry)
Candy (Keldizion)
DemonFlygawne (Scrawnie Gawnie)
Icey_Black_Kyurem (King Crobat)
Sassy_Little_Mawile (Da Mawile freak!!!)
BadApple (You)

I have both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y but barely use Y because I mainy am using X right now as my fave game (Duh). Moon is like my sister that I never had, Gawne and Candy are an epic love couple and love to see them get along so well. I am just a lost soul really who has no guidance on where to go to lead me in life. I am just a single, only child, average 17 year old male living in Houston, Texas, having an immense love for gaming and Pokemon and animals and wildlife. I am in this chat room known as either ALS or Elena or Elenaeventhoughyouraguy by Erapidash lol or I'll get called by my real name. Josh. Joshua Lucas Boutté. Cajun French last name

 I was born and raised in the heart of Texas so i am a native Texan and I and gosh dern proud of it. Now nutin' ain't gunna change that. Lol, my Texan kicking in. I can get a little nutty here and there but I can just go absolutely crazy sometimes and start saying crazy nonsense things.

I am damn proud of my guns, food and cars. I LOVE shooting guns. Even though I don't have a single gun, I am about to go register for a gun license for a gun when I get my first vehicle.

I am very (Too) self conscious. I never like to take help from others and find out how to do things myself. I eventually find a way. I always help out people when I can because sitting and doing nothing drives me nuts, I am very courteous and love to make people smile and entertain people with my jokes but sometimes to get people to laugh, I have to make crude jokes which involve curse words, racial comments, etc. but they like it and I will do anything it takes to make people laugh. I am very hardheaded and competitive. I never know when to give in because I believe in never backing down from anything because in the end, you will always win regardless of what the situation is.

I like to think I am best at things but sometimes end up getting crushed by people better than me and end up making myself look like shit but I always brush off the dust and get better at things until I am the very best and reign supreme over everyone. I am pretty much grand master at racing games and can teach damn near anyone how to race properly. I have taught many people and so now I am known as "The Racing Teacher Guru" lol. I am pretty much a Pokemon Professer and I know a shit-ton about pokemon and I can teach others how to battle, what strategies to use to crush your opponents in battles etc. and I am know as the Pokemon Guru or Pokeguru lol.
I am not exactly a Pokemon Master but I am pretty damn good. Better than Ash Ketchum thats for sure. But Red? Omg, I don't think anyone can match that guys strength.

My fave teams.

Lucky the Ledian - Super strong Ledian with a lucky and life changing capture. I caught him with luck and it was a living miracle catching it. It was like he wanted to come with me. He doesn't give in for the slightest second.
Foxxy the Zoroark - Unbelievably sneaky, fast, powerful and a hot chick who just tears up the battlefield. Warning, can be extremely brutal.
Serperior the Serperior lol - My trusty Serperior that I chose as my first Unova starter and he does not back down. He is fearless. Brave. Courageous. Powerful. Don't fight him. He'll shred you up. Unbelievably fast.
Disaster & Duo (Shiny and non Shiny Absol pair) - Disaster Duo says it all. They will tear you down to the ground without question. They are literally unbeatable death machines. Almost impossible to kill and super strong. The names say it all.
Emboar the Emboar (my friends Pokemon) - Godly strong with super power and kills like a snap of your finger. He is my friend Grant Manier's Emboar but I'll never give it back because I am a much better trainer than he is and a Pokeguru. He is cocky and hardheaded but I will care for other peoples pokemon and they'll get attached to me and become mine. It is just a power plant of fire that mows you to the ground with absolute domination.

Pokemon X:
Xerneas the Xerneas - Breathtakingly strong and hard to beat. Super strong bond with it.
Pidgeot the Pidgeot - 5 affection hearts on Pokemon Amie and is very loyal and first lvl. 100 on that game.
Doombringer! the Absol (Mega Evolved) - God. Just that one word. All that describes it.
Delphox the Delphox - My first starter in Kalos and been very loyal. Very hard to beat unless you use the right pokemon.
Lapras the Lapras - Just an absolute powerhouse with high HP to Boot.


30 Points at 2/23/14
40 Points at 2/23/14

I don't have anymore to say about myself for now but I will constantly update my profile for a new newsfeed.

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ok here's mine :) 1220-7040-9833
Feb 26, 2014 by Sophisticles
Hi candy, my daughter lol
Feb 25, 2014 by ALostSoul
Feb 25, 2014 by Candy
Hey soul i want battle u somtime and yeah jst saying im hard to beat so i look forward to seeing what u can do on the battle field peace
Feb 25, 2014 by mitch
Lol, man my points are going up fast lol
Feb 24, 2014 by ALostSoul
Feb 24, 2014 by pokemon123
Sorry did not say the Shiny Latios I give you wouldn't transfer?
(Did I give you a Shiny Latios? I thought I give it to someone else)
Anyway never mind, I can give you another Shiny Legendary to make up for that one not transferring for whatever reasons.

 The other Pokémon I give away could be transfered so it might of just been the Latios I give you.
Feb 22, 2014 by Sir Dan
do u luvs meh? c:
Feb 22, 2014 by Candy
3DS FC: 3625-9680-1452
I'll add your FC as well
Feb 5, 2014 by Đarkheart
White 2 friend code: 0434-1926-3456
I'll be waiting in the wifi club for you.
Voice chat might not be on, though.
Jan 27, 2014 by empoleon1