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About me: I am a master-breeder I will breed anything for any of my friends.
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Hey I saw your comment on my wall and am sorry I haven't commented sooner.  Anyway I'm assuming you were referring to this question http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/175505/best-pokemon-in-their-tiers

If so, I have a few reasons for hiding it. First of all the question is pretty vague. The actual question doesn't make much sense when paired with the description. "Best Pokemon in their tiers?" is a pretty vague question, you then go on to say "Anyway I have been asked to breed a whole team for someone. Consisting of the best troll, wall, sweeper, lead, tank, and support (one of each preferably different types). I was wondering what some were.". Do you want a troll , sweeper, wall, tank, support and lead from each tier? Or do you want the best Pokemon in general that fits the criteria, regardless of it's tier. Different Pokemon preform differently in each tier. e.g Magmortar is a brilliant sweeper in lower tiers but pretty bad in tiers such as UU and OU. Even then you didn't specify which gen you wanted the Pokemon breeding for. Gen 6 doesn't even have any tiers yet :P Had I told you a few weeks back, go bread a Mega Gengar, it would have been pointless now it has been banned to Ubers.

Probably the most important reason I hid your question is that there is no best "tank" ect. It is a matter of opinion and unfortunately opinionated questions are not allowed. That and we would have effectively built a team for you to build which is again against the rules.

Sorry but I hope you understand. If you go into chat or stop by our Showdown server sometime, people will be happy to help.
Dec 20, 2013 by Blobyolo
What was the comment you put, it got hidden :3
Dec 20, 2013 by Le Scraf
can't breathe
Dec 19, 2013 by Breeding Master
you my pal *squeazes breeding*
Dec 14, 2013 by Shaishai8