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Member for: 5 years (since Aug 17, 2012)
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Gender: Girl
Country: Philippines
Favorite Pokémon: For each type: Fire: Charizard Water: Swampert Grass: Sceptile Electric: Eelektross Fight: Scrafty Flying: Honchkrow Dragon: Garchomp Steel: Aggron Ice: Weavile Poison: Nidoqueen Ghost: Sableye Dark: Absol Psychic: Reuniclus Ground: Groudon Rock: Rhyperior Normal: Zangoose Bug: Armaldo
Friend Codes: Game:Black 2 (Yay!I got B2!) Friend Code-0605 5124 4304 Game Name-CC

Love to battle or trade
Times availible to trade/battle (last updated:01-02-2013)

If you don't like the rules,then don't battle,if you want.
Rules when battling me for the Dragona Badge:
-No more than one Ice type in the team
-No more than two Non-Ice pokemon in the team can
learn one ice type move
-No Ubers
-Mold Breaker Users are banned with Haxorus as an exception.
-OHKO Clause
-Evasion Clause
-Moody Clause
-Species Clause
-Don't tell ANYONE what my team is after you battle me
About me: I took the Dragonfly Cave Pokemon Personality test and it end up a charizard! I'm just a girl that likes Charizard and battles.I mainly use Pokemon Showdown.
Hey there.I'm not gonna be able to chat.Because of safety from cybercrime.(I think)But I'm not leavin',I'm just not gonna chat.

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Victini Victory
Dex Master
Mega Grievous

You're all great.

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