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Country: New Bark Town! Nuvema Town, Aspertia City! And Finally lLittleRoot!
Favorite Pokémon: Johto top ten from least to greatest: Jynx, Sentret, Cyndaquil, butterfree, weedle, Furret, Chikorita, Miltank, Ledyba, Totodile. Hoenn:Zigzagoon, Mudkip, treecko, Dustox, Groudon, Rayquaza, Combusken, Beautifly, Gardevoir, Blaziken. Unova:Woobat, Emboar, Pignite, Tepig, Samurott, Purrloin, Leavanny, Dewott, Servine, Snivy, Reshiram, Virizion, White Kyurem, Black Kyurem, Basculin, Axew, Serperior. Sinnoh: Chatot, Riolu, Dialga, Palkia, Mespirit, Krikitune, Chimchar, Piplup.
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Bad eggs are punishments for cheaters. Can only be accessed by game hacks. Will hatch into egg-ception. Take up PC space

 Ekans is backwards for Snake.

 A common glitch in White 2 N will follow you everywhere at his castle and some players will have him follow them forever (Which pleases fangirls LMHO xD)

Same Game, in Nimbasa ferris wheel Hugh might turn into Bianca.

 Team Rocket is ruined in Unova cuz they arent funny anymore.

 The end

Fave Gym Leaders

Kanto: Misty
Johto: Whitney and Clair both are tied.
Hoenn: Roxie
Sinnoh: Gardenia
Unova: Elesa, Marlon, Skyla and Cilan are all tied.

Fave Champion: Tie between Iris and Lance, both dragon masters.

 Fave Elite four: Caitlin, Will, and whats her face are tied. Whats her face is Unova's ghost master.

 Fave anime characters. One is best.


1. N
2. Cilan
3. Trip
4. Brock
5. Gary
6. Max
7. Butch
8. James (before Unova)
9. Meowth (also before Unova)
10.  Ghetsis
11. Ash
12. Meowth (Unova)
13. Paul
14.  Steffan


1. Team Plasma Grunt (I call her Fiviana :D)
2. Cassidy
3. Jessie (before Unova)
4. Gardenia
5. Misty
6. Anthea
7. Iris
8. Bianca (The one who kissed Ash!)
9. Bianca (Unova)
10. Lyra
11. Concordia (She's down here because she's meaner.... D:     )
12. Rosa
13. May
14. Dawn
15. Burgundy
16. Georgia
17. Mami Joy

Bad Guys

1. "Fiviana"
2. Jessie (not Unova)
3. Butch
4. Cassidy
5. Meowth (before Unova)
6. James (Before Unova)
7. Ghetsis
8. Colress
9. Meowth (after Unova)
10. Giovanni (BU)
11. Jessie (AU)

Fave girls in travel

1. Misty
2. Iris
3. Lyra
4. Bianca (AU)
5. May
6. Dawn

My favorite character meme's

1. Iris's "What a kid"
2. Misty's ear drag
3. Cilan's geekiness
4. Brock's infatuation problems
5. Dawn's "No need to worry!"
6. Lyra's love matches (I.E.", Dane, wouldn't Ash make the perfect husband? You two would look so cute together!" etc.
7. Bianca's "Out of my way!"
8. Totodile biting things
9.  Ash's "No, it's time to train"
10. Jessie's hair
11. Butch's name issue
12. Brock's pepper spray (lol)
13. Steffan's name issue
14. Chili's anger problems
fave Character-Specific Pokemon

1. Ash's Pikachu
2. Ash's Totodile
3. Misty's Togepi
4. Iris's Emolga
5. Iris's Axew
6. Arena's Axew (Lost at The Stamp Rally)
7. Ash's Oshawott
8. Ash's Snivy
9. Brock's Croagunk
10. Ash's Charizard (Kanto and Johto, not the Unova one unless I am mistaken, but Charizard must be the best in Charizards Burning Ambition, a hilarious yet sad Johto episode)
11. May's Blaziken
12. Wild Zorua in Zoroark Master of Illusions
13. Nurse Joy's Suicune
 14. May's Torchic (In the first episodes when she's a newbie trainer.)
  15. Max's Ralts (Its so cute! in "Do I Hear a Ralts")
 16. Bianca's Pignite
17. Bianca's Minncino
 18. Team Rocket's Meowth (Before Unova)

Favorite legendaries

1. Meloetta
2. Mew
3. Latias
4. Mewtwo (NOT MEGA)
5. Cresselia
6. Kyurem
7. Mespirit.

Favorite Starters

(phase 1)

1. Snivy
2. Torchic
3. Totodile
4. Chikorita
5. Piplup
6. Fennekin
7. Charmander
8. Squirtle
9. Cyndaquil
10. Mudkip (so i herd u liek mudkips, cutie?)

(phase 2)

1. Servine
2. Wartortle
3. Bayleef
4. Braixen
5.  Quilava
6. Charmeleon
7. Dewott
8. Prinplup
9. Marshtomp
10. Ivysaur

(final stage)

1. Blaziken
2. Serperior
3. Feraligatr
4. Charizard
5. Infernape
6. Typhlosion
7. Meganium
8. Mega-Charizard
10. Samurott

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