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Country: a place called, ********** MWAHAHA YOU WILL NEVER KNOWWW
Favorite Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Necrozma, Turtwig.
Friend Codes: discord.gg/sjrMv6EZe6

its my discord called pokemon people if anyone cares, please join, im pretty active there!
About me: Hi!
I like  pokemon cards
umm i dont plaay a lot so dont mind me and my kindergarten  spelling level lol

my friend(s) are

and idk who else ill update it when im not as lonely :)

i dont really play on my ds, but i do like Pokemon cards ( i know i already said that but i dont care) so ya

its my b-day soon btw :)

idk if anyone cares

January 8th: 20-42 points?!? yall are crazy
January 11: 32 (someone down voted me i guess)
MOre coming soon :)

OoOoOoO pErSoNaL fAcTs
♫ I loveee writing music and play some Ukulele and take singing lessons! ♫
❁ I loveee being creative, such as painting! ❁
❄Where I live it is winter!❄
ツ I'm a fun person to talk to, I hope lol! ツ
also here is a song me and ~megltaria~ wrote

You told me this, you told me that
You told you would never come back
You said things that I would believe
Until you threatened to leave
You asked for my advice
And I tried to be nice
But you just sat there
As if you didn’t even care
I was always there for you
Yet you left me in the blue
You fought and argued with me
Why can't you just leave me be?
I fell for you
I fell for your scams
I fell for your fights
I was the fan
You tried too hard
To keep me here
After I said goodbye
You beg to be with me
But I don't want you anymore even though I'm lonely
You try to be with me
But it's not that easy
It brings back fires
You say you miss the fights
You say you miss the drama
But you've become a monster
I don't know what you mean
When you say im the drama queen
You might think we're the same
But I'm done playing your games

they were very toxic

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jelly fish
Jan 12, 2021 by themodernage
so um im doing this thing now everyone who sees this say a random word and that'll be the word of the day but im going to pick today so

Jan 12, 2021 by It's Ewa
Jan 11, 2021 by themodernage
honestly it looks like a chicken leg without the bone part lol
Jan 11, 2021 by themodernage
Jan 10, 2021 by themodernage
Hi Ewa how you doing?
Jan 10, 2021 by ~megaltaria~
Kk it’s not like I’m mad or anything. You’d have to be a troll to get me to be mad on this website for you, Ewa
Jan 10, 2021 by ~megaltaria~
How is it weird? That’s a little rude...
Jan 10, 2021 by ~megaltaria~
I recently got big votes from my latest answer XD never got 4 votes from one post befire
Jan 9, 2021 by ~megaltaria~
What up
Jan 9, 2021 by ~megaltaria~