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Favorite Pokémon: Latias and Decidueye
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About me: i am a pokemon fan and i love everything about pokemon!...   except for whitney's miltank and totem lurantis. So, i was more of a pokemon anime watcher instead of a game player. why? picture this, an 8-year-old playing Pokemon Moon for the first time with a level 20 dartrix, who then goes up against a Totem Pokemon with synthesis and a fire-type ally. yeah i didnt touch moon until a year later. i got lucky thankfully. My starters for each generation are:   Gen 1: Squirtle Gen 2: Cyndaquil Gen 3: Mudkip Gen 4: Piplup Gen 5: Oshawott Gen 6: Fennekin Gen 7: Rowlet Gen 8: Sobble. as you can see, i love the water starters (THEYRE JUST SO ADORABLE). it annoys me that everyone hates on Delphox for no reason other than Greninja gets all the attention. (also i havent played Gen 4 and Gen 5, but Piplup and Oshawott are my planned starters). you can also say im kind of a Gen Sevener (if that even exists) but dont worry, im more than glad to see what Gen Eight has to offer, i just call myself a Gen Sevener because whenever someone says gen seven is bad i get REALLY upset. even though i love pokemon, I also LOVE Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. (which has pokemon in it so, thats good). im not big on shiny hunting, probaly because ive hatched for a Shiny eevee in moon, With a Shiny charm AND a ditto from a different counrty AND an eevee from a different country! and i never found one!

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