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Gender: Dude
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Favorite Pokémon: Linoone, Dewott, Forretress, Starmie, Gallade, Breloom, Grumpig Electabuzz, Mr. Mime, Machamp, Slowpoke, Slobro, Togepi, Breloom, Crobat, Muk, Weezing, Haunter, Rotom, Primape, Marowak, Parasect, Darpion, Kangaskahn, Blissey, Chansey,Happiny, Forretress.
Friend Codes: White: 2838-6010-7645
About me: Haven't been on much in the past 5 years but thinking about coming back... we will see

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Glad to see that you're still on on this website :O
May 28, 2017 by [MG]Darkrai