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Gender: Female
Country: Spain but im from California
Favorite Pokémon: Snivy [For each type, look below below!]
Friend Codes: Black 2: 3354-2125-3751
White: I don't know....
X: 2191-8586-6249
About me: I <3 Pokemon! Especially Grass, Ground, Ghost and Steel types!

Here are all the pokemon games I've played:
Black 2

Here are my favorites per type:
Grass: Snivy/Cradily...Basically ALL of them except Wormadam.
Water: Feraligatr/Blastoise/Politoed
Fire: Pyroar/Magmortar
Ground: Hippowdon/Krookodile
Ice: Froslass/Avalugg/Aurorus
Flying: Fearow/Noctowl/Skarmory
Electric: Ampharos/Manectric/Electivire
Rock: Rampardos/Gigalith/Golem
Dark: Liepard/Zoroark/Malamar
Psychic: Hypno/Xatu
Poison: Seviper/Toxicroak
Fighting: Hitmonlee/Hawlucha
Normal: Raticate/Linoone/Stoutland
Dragon: Dragalge/Latios/Haxorus
Bug: Leavanny
Ghost: Banette
Steel: Magnemite/Aeigislash/Metagross
Fairy: Spritzee/Granbull

-I also really like Mow Rotom-

Legendaries/Mythical [Top 3]
1. Ho-Oh
2. Giratina
3. Genesect

Favorite Animes: I have too many...

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Heheh I got a shiny Totodile that I raised into a shiny Feraligatr! So proud.
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Here's my code: 2079 - 6438 - 3497
Nov 3, 2013 by Dark_Breeder
I have X if it's of any interest.
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hi first wall post :)
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