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Pokémon showdown:  my name is TropiusPerfected. I will accept any format, but I prefer gen 8 balanced Hackmons, gen 6 pure Hackmons, gen 8 cross evolution and super staff bros over all others
About me: Hey everyone! I’ve been using this site as an alternative for bulbapedia for quite some time because of some shady redirects I get on there (seriously haha, said my iPhone had a virus when I was on my windows 10) and I loved reading the forums here so I recently decided to make an account. I’ve seen a lot of really cool people on here, and I look forward to talking to you guys!

Sinnoh remakes look terrible but I am SO buying that Pokémon legends game that looks awesome

I’ve played a game in every region except Kalos, so here’s my starter choices!
Kanto: Bulbasaur
Johto: Cyndaquil
Hoenn: Mudkip
Sinnoh: Chimchar
Unova: Snivy
Kalos (if I play X): Chespin
Alola: Rowlet
Galar: Sobble first time, grookey in other playthroughs

Sword was my first Pokémon game, but Platinum is my favorite.

The only way I can tolerate shiny hunting is through ultra wormhole. I am too impatient for it, and eventually I just do something more interesting

Gen 1 is really fun just because of how many absurd glitches there are.

Genwhiners are a million times worse than genwunners IMO.

Regions ranked from worst to best: Sinnoh > Unova > Alola > Kanto > Hoenn > Galar > Johto, and I can’t rank Kalos but based off what I’ve heard about x and y I’d probably put it between hoenn and galar


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