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Member for: 6 years (since Jan 5, 2014)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Gurlll
Country: Faraway Place
Favorite Pokémon: My favourite Pokemon: (Mega) Lucario, Typhlosion, Articuno and Mega Gardevoir and Gallade
Friend Codes: 3DS Friend code:         1779 - 1571 - 8127
                                           Current Name:             Sally

                                ~   Register me anytime you'd like!  ~
About me: I am currently playing:

                                               ~ Pokemon Omega Ruby ~
                                                           ~Pokemon Y~
                                                  ~Pokemon Platinum~

Games I own and have beaten:

                                                    ~Pokemon Black 2~
                                                 ~Pokemon Leafgreen~
                                                ~Pokemon Soul Silver~

~ I LOVE Carrots
~ Wonder Trading is my Favourite kind of trading :)
~I currently own 13 Shiny Pokemon
~ My Little Pony for da win  \(-O-)/

Friend List:
Swagpert (Spammed me with upvotes XD)
Shinymewkeledeo (Good friend outside of the site

Spiritual Animal: Wolverine

Nobody messes with Wolverines. You're fearless, assertive (okay, aggressive), and tenacious. You might be a Marine, or a middle linebacker. You're the best at whatever you choose to do, because you give yourself no alternative.

Best matches: Bears, Cougars, Wolves
Watch out for: Crows, Owls, Swans


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Hai to u too...
Jan 7, 2014 by COBRAGON
Np :)
Jan 5, 2014 by Aeternis
Thanks Aeternis!
Jan 5, 2014 by aurora_the_lucario
Welcome to the site ;)
Jan 5, 2014 by Aeternis
Hai Guys :3
Jan 5, 2014 by aurora_the_lucario