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Member for: 4 years (since Aug 14, 2016)
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Gender: Female
Country: US
Favorite Pokémon: i have a lot of favourites...
Friend Codes: 3DS: 2466-5880-5842

(currently working on a competitive team without cheats since my 3ds isnt in the right update lol)
About me: hello, im budder. favourite has been and always will be pokemon, currently learning about the competitve scene and shit, im making some progress i guess. my hobby besides playing pokemon is drawing, i dont do much. i have a hard time befriending others in real life since im very shy, (not sure if i have full-fledged anxiety since i havent been diagnosed) which is why i love the internet so much since its not (as) hard to confront someone online, but even then it can be a little tricky for me. i hope to get along with all of you guys, and maybe even make a few friends along the way 8)

my mvps in pokemon: zangoose, crawdaunt, cradily, and slurpuff 8)

favourite gen(s): gen 4and 5 (yes, i also actually like a lot of generation 5 designs and i actually like garbodor and stunfisk im sorry)

gen 1: squirtle
gen 2: hard to choose, but most likely totodile
gen 3: also hard to choose, but probably treecko
gen 4: piplup
gen 5: oshawott
gen 6: fennekin
gen 7: popplio (popplio is so fucking cute leave him alone)

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