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Gender: Female
Country: United States
Favorite Pokémon: Top Ten: Honchkrow, Metagross, Rapidash, Flygon, Vulpix, Houndoom, Roserade, Umbreon, and Cincinno.
Friend Codes: Games that use Pal Pad.
DPP: Not sure how I can obtain it without NFC.
BW: 361377690201
BW2: 477341804773

2DS Friend code: 053370335968
It goes with all these games: XY, ORAS, and SM.
About me: Hi, I'm Emily.
I'm a huge fan of Pokemon. My first official game was Pokemon Pearl. But before that I kept trying to steal my big brother's Pokemon crystal save file on his gameboy color.

My favorite types of Pokemon are Dark types, Steel Types, Grass types, Ice types, and water types.

I like Gen2, Gen 3, Gen4, Gen5, and Gen7.

Gen6 felt a bit experimental to me and Gen 1 is alright I just haven't played through all the way except for maybe in Leaf Green (Gen3 version of gen1) through an emulator.
*Note to self* Get a regular DS and some Pokemon games from the GBA era.

I'm not a competitive online player, but I do try to be strategic with my Pokemon move sets and leveling up. I actually win many battles against my brother because I'm like this.

*He's fun to battle with but if he bring out that Typhlosion of his one more time I'm gonna yell. That is his secret weapon or something that beats me sometimes.*

*clears throat*
When I get my friend codes up feel free to ask me to battle or maybe do a trade.

Also feel free to talk with me I don't bite. If you like anime add me or talk to me on Otaku-streamers.com @ emdarling or MAL @ Emily_the_otaku.

Currently searching for a shiny woobat whom I can name Pickle or Sunny.

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