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Gender: If it matters that much to you, I'm a female.
Country: Good Ol' U.S. of A
Favorite Pokémon: ZANGOOSE or HITMONCHAN
Friend Codes: Black 2:To be Posted(gonna restart my game)
Friend Safari: Dragon
It contains Fraxure, Shelgon, and Sliggo
About me: Nickname: Red Asian
Other User Names(different games): AwesomeAsian,
Age: A girl never tells
Favorite Pokémon: ZANGOOSE or HITMONCHAN
Favorite Pokeball: Quickball(I once caught a legendary with one)
Favorite Move: A tie between Heat Crash and Outrage
Pet Peeve: People who either don't know how to do something(especially with Pokémon) and people who don't want to do anything with Pokémon
Favorite Pokémon Job: Breeder
Favorite Game: Pokémon Black 2
Favorite Computer Game: A tie between Pokemon Battlequest
 and Pokémon Trading Card Game Online and Pokémon Showdown and Elsword
Obsessed With:Video Games, Origami, and Asian Things

User- Friendz( to me, they are. If I listed u here, it means we have a type of knowing each other that I consider to be called "friend")

Fellow Asians: ( no judgment)


Fellow Asian Lovers: (still no judgment)


Trade Partners-In-Crime:


Other People I Met:

Imortal kitty
Forgotten Number
Lunara the Ara
Demon Flygawne
Meta Knight

Amazing things!
3/2/14: Got Pokémon X for free!
3/3/14: First shiny!(sandile) found on Pokémon X!
3/6/14: Beat Pokémon X!


I have:

Meadow Pattern
Polar Pattern
Tundra Pattern
Continental Pattern
Garden Pattern
Elegant Pattern
Modern Pattern
Marine Pattern
High Plains Pattern(my local pattern)
River Pattern
Savanna Pattern

I Need:

Icy Snow Pattern
Archipelago Pattern
Sandstorm Pattern
Monsoon Pattern
Sun Pattern
Ocean Pattern
Jungle Pattern

I Can Trade:

High Plains Pattern
Elegant Pattern
Modern Pattern(most likely)

Please Help! I Wanna Catch 'Em All!!!!!

Please Post on My Wall or Contact Me Through Chat if You Want to Trade!
I Do Vivillon for Vivillon Trades!
Sometimes I can trade Other Things, Too.

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hai ^-^"
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you posted on my b-day
the 12th
Dec 25, 2013 by redring345
sup meta
Dec 25, 2013 by redring345
Welcome to the team
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Hi redring :)
Dec 4, 2013 by RedtheLEGEND
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please post...
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