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Gender: Male, Age 21
Country: India
Favorite Pokémon: Typhlosion
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About me: I love Johto region in Pokemon. Mainly the three starters, Meganium is beautiful, Typhlosion is fast and Feraligatr has ferocious attacks. My favourite legendary is Lugia. Lugia looks cool and is defensive like I like.
Region- Favourite PKMN, Favourite legendary
Kanto- Lapras, Mew
Johto- Typhlosion, Lugia
Hoenn- Absol, Rayquaza
Sinnoh- Garchomp, Dialga
Unova- Samurott, Zekrom
Kalos- Greninja, Xerneus
Alola- Lycanroc(Midnight), Tapu Koko
Galar- Toxtricity, ---

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