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Gender: Elite Four Flame
Country: Alola
Favorite Pokémon: Ninetales, Leafeon, Milotic, Lucario, Gardevoir, Garchomp. (P.S: I like other too but don't really have any sentimental attachment, just like their design.)
Friend Codes: I wish I had a Nintendo Switch or something you can play pokemon with
Roblox Username: KittyKatGirlrain
Showdown! : icantdefeatyou and ireallycantwin
X-Box Social (Idk, I just pressed Windows and G and here am I.): Flame #8706
Message on my wall first before you add me here. Also read my description first because you might think I'm 6 years old.
SnowyTheVulpix #3233
About me: when i first joined, noone told me to read the rules.

Vulpix supremacy
Remaining names for vulpix

Favorite Pokemon by each type, stuff, and whatever while in my Math Class.
Water: Milotic
Grass: Leafeon
Fire: Ninetales
Electric: Zeraora
Normal: Eevee
Dark: My room
Fairy: Sylveon
Psychic: My mother. she knows everything. My future, I'm gonna be a doctor!
Dragon: Garchomp
Fighting: Lucario
Steel: There's no steel here, only plastic mwah.
Ground: Earth
Bug: (use google translate, pick Filipino) Wala. Pwedeng si Pheromosa. takot parin ako sa ipis :D
Poison: Toxic people on Roblox
Flying: Swellow because of PBB.
Rock: Stone Edge
Ice: Ice? Sorry, I never heard of that. I know Sun though?
Electric: Hm, my laptop.
Ghost: Nope, nope, nope, nope.

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Just though of something
For the fairy type it will beeee
Sep 24 by ~FlameTheVulpix~
Finally, I can be active again
Sep 18 by ~FlameTheVulpix~
Sep 14 by Pogokira
Sep 7 by BM™
i havent been active for a while
sorry for the late reply
May 31 by neo magius
May 29 by Call me Joey
Oh, I formerly went by the name KrystalInfernus/user
May 25 by user
Apr 19 by neo magius
did you not do dead
Mar 24 by user
Hey, you're back.
Mar 24 by Call me Joey