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Gender: Dog.
Country: Alola
Favorite Pokémon: Ninetales, Leafeon, Milotic, Lucario, Gardevoir, Garchomp. (P.S: I like other too but don't really have any sentimental attachment, just like their design.)
Friend Codes: I wish I had a Nintendo Switch or something you can play pokemon with
Roblox Username: KittyKatGirlrain
Showdown! : icantdefeatyou and ireallycantwin
X-Box Social (Idk, I just pressed Windows and G and here am I.): Flame #8706
About me: Hi! I decided to make a region based on the Philippines. I already have starters down and the legendaries. I'll update my about me when I have a part done. It's called the Sura Region.

The Professor of the Sura Region is Professor Maya. The three starters are:
Fire Type: Asoy
Water Type: Drohy
Grass Type: Coco

The Cities are: (The cities' names are all Tagalog)
1st: Mesa City, The Fire-type gym leader Miguel.                                           
2nd: Isda City, The Water-type gym leader Midori.                                         
3rd: Paruparo City, The Bug-type gym leader Cal (Short for Calvin)                           
4th: Damdamin City, the Psychic-type gym leader Sondra.
5th: Bulaklak City, The Grass Type gym leader Markus.
6th: Lason City, The Poison Type gym leader Chloe.
7th: Kulog City, The Electric Type gym leader Joel.
8th: Daya City: The Dark Type gym leader Naomi.

 I got a 42 out of 60 on my math test. yeah, I'm crying still, and it will haunt me. i hate math. my math test had this question "Nicetas had 14 colored paper and she made 7 colored paper flower. what is being compared?" did I get that right? I'm grade 5 btw.

 I remember using leafeon in a copied version (not original) of pokemon brick bronze (pokemon brick bronze is a game in roblox and it got banned for copyright reasons, so now they run this game called loomian legacy.)and I ran magical leaf, energy ball, grass whistle, razor leaf, and last resort. yeah, it seems weird for energy ball being there but I didn't know anything about all those base stat thingies.

 I don't know why you're still reading this. if u see me active on chat, I'm not. I'm either playing or watching or doing powerpoints or I'm actually active. but I wont chat. just looking around at the chat.

 idk why someone would want to know this but "I only watch showdown sweeps in youtube and some nuzlocke and challenges."

~How to become rich in the Pokemon World~

Step 1: Breed a lot of Zubats!
Step 2: Make repels!
Step 3: Set up a store nearby a cave.
Step 4: Release your Zubats in a nearby cave.
Step 5: You are rich now.

Favorite Pokemon by each type, stuff, and whatever while in my Math Class.
Water: Milotic
Grass: Leafeon
Fire: Ninetales
Electric: Zeraora
Normal: Eevee
Dark: My room
Fairy: Sylveon
Psychic: My mother. she knows everything. My future, I'm gonna be a doctor!
Dragon: Garchomp
Fighting: Lucario
Steel: There's no steel here, only plastic mwah.
Ground: Earth
Bug: (use google translate, pick Filipino) Wala. Pwedeng si Pheromosa.
Poison: Toxic people on Roblox
Flying: Swellow because of PBB.
Rock: Stone Edge
Ice: Ice? Sorry, I never heard of that. I know Sun though?
Electric: Hm, my laptop.
Ghost: Nope, nope, nope, nope.

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Are you dead?
May 16 by BeastMaster™
May 16 by BeastMaster™
Do you exists
Also did u name change?
May 13 by DrowsyDrakloak
May 5 by BeastMaster™
That is weird.
Apr 28 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
What do you mean Duraladon?
Apr 27 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
Kk! Tell me what you find out.
Apr 26 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
I actually never found out. Everyone that I have asked said she just abused here expert powers.
Apr 26 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
Why are people saying he/she is banned? I'd like to know the story behind it... - You, talking about Gligurr.
She was banned because he mis-used her expert powets
Apr 25 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~