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Romantic relationships are unnecessary for romantic relationships?
Oct 29 by Pogokira
I am the victim
Sep 14 by BM™
Altaria, we're FRIENDS. Please don't fall victim to the wicked, cruel, evil, twisted ways of BM and Yuya. My life is already already hard as it is. Don't give me another enemy.
Thanks :)
Sep 13 by Light Hope ♡
Me: I have a headache, I'm having a hard day, I'm trying to make a decision, but it's difficult because I'm new and it's completely bad.

BM: Punish me, because I don't know what to do

Oyoya: "Everybody hurts what makes them special." He says it's a bad idea to ignore your power.
Sep 13 by BM™
Me: Is in pain due to headache, had an extremely rough day, and is trying to figure something out but struggles because it's new to me and I have bad internet.

BM: mocks me for not knowing how to do it
Yuya: Tells me to figure it out when she is perfectly fine of giving me an answer and completely disregards headache, saying "Everyone gets hurt, what makes you special."

This and some other factors is why I don't like Yuya.
Sep 13 by Light Hope ♡
Are you gonna be dead for the next 3 months or something
Sep 12 by BM™
seconds ago
The classical 2020 era is gone

Sep 9 by ~megaltaria~
i'm starting to realize why no one likes me anymore
Sep 9 by ~megaltaria~
Reacting to your wall

"Friend Codes:    have none. read about me"
No friends? Can relate.

"maybe just to say hi to a few familiar faces that i've never actually seen in person before"
I'll actually be surprised if you remember much people.

"you prob actually just came here cos you were bored. dont worry, not offended"
Not really bored, just curious.

"i get it, say what you want about me. im annoying. im loud. im friendless. in a way, they're all true. but im trying to not be. yeah, laugh at that. its fine. it might seem corny or funny, but just know that if you're one of those laughers, then you're lucky. you're lucky that you don't have to worry about that kind of stuff. you don't have to worry about who said what about you 24/7 like i do. i've lost a lot of friends, and not all of them are my fault."

Wow. You just summarized me in the first few sentences (although I'm not loud). I can definitely relate to losing (a) friend(s). It sucks. It's even worse when it is your fault. Losing someone you care about can really hurt, especially when you don't get much more opportunities to create a new bond with someone (it's a long story, okay?).

"like i said, im starting over. new me. i know that may seem impossible, but ive actually changed a lot. there's a big difference between social media and real life."

This is how I feel, but I crossed paths with Giru and BM.

"the real me is kinda... plain. boring. average."

I'm not that exciting at times (although it's more of a personal thing at times), so I can relate.

"know that it's pointless to go after your toxic friends. focus on your real ones"

I've never had an experience with a toxic friend. But even then I went and drove away one of the best friends I've ever had.

"and if you're having a great laugh reading this message, then screw you."

I had a laugh. Not from the entire message, but the "then screw you" part.

"i hope i changed the way you view the world. and if not, and you still think that this was just another random "about me" profile that you read to kill time, then okay, i guess. but i still feel this way."

Sometimes I let others influence my view on the world, but I mostly hang on to my view of the world. And no, I didn't read this to kill time, I wanted to see how you were doing.

Hope you enjoyed my stupid comments. Have a good day and a successful life :)
Sep 7 by Light Hope ♡