Pokémon moves from Generation 8

Below is the list of Pokémon attacks that were introduced in Generation 8 (Sword, Shield, Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, Legends: Arceus).

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Apple AcidGrassSpecial 80 100 10 Lowers target's Special Defense.
Astral BarrageGhostSpecial 120 100 5 The user attacks by sending a frightful amount of small ghosts at opposing Pokémon.
Aura WheelElectricPhysical 110 100 10 Changes type based on Morpeko's Mode.
Behemoth BashSteelPhysical 100 100 5 Damage doubles if target is Dynamaxed.
Behemoth BladeSteelPhysical 100 100 5 Damage doubles if target is Dynamaxed.
Body PressFightingPhysical 80 100 10 The higher the user's Defense, the stronger the attack.
Bolt BeakElectricPhysical 85 100 10 If the user attacks before the target, the power of this move is doubled.
Branch PokeGrassPhysical 40 100 40
Breaking SwipeDragonPhysical 60 100 15 Hits multiple opponents and lowers their attack.
Burning JealousyFireSpecial 70 100 5 Hits all opponents, and burns any that have had their stats boosted.
Clangorous SoulDragonStatus 100 5 Raises all user's stats but loses HP.
CoachingFightingStatus 10 Boosts Attack and Defense of a teammate.
Corrosive GasPoisonStatus 100 40 Removes opponent's items.
Court ChangeNormalStatus 100 10 Swaps the effects on either side of the field.
DecorateFairyStatus 15 Sharply raises target's Attack and Special Attack.
Dragon DartsDragonPhysical 50 100 10 User attacks twice.
Dragon EnergyDragonSpecial 150 100 5 The higher the user's HP, the higher the power.
Drum BeatingGrassPhysical 80 100 10 Lowers opponent's Speed.
Dual WingbeatFlyingPhysical 40 90 10 The user slams the target with its wings. The target is hit twice in a row.
Dynamax CannonDragonSpecial 100 100 5 Damage doubles if opponent is Dynamaxed.
Eerie SpellPsychicSpecial 80 100 5 Deals damage and reduces opponent's PP.
EternabeamDragonSpecial 160 90 5 User can't move on the next turn.
Expanding ForcePsychicSpecial 80 100 10 Increases power and hits all opponents on Psychic Terrain.
False SurrenderDarkPhysical 80 10 Ignores Accuracy and Evasiveness.
Fiery WrathDarkSpecial 90 100 10 May cause flinching.
Fishious RendWaterPhysical 85 100 10 If the user attacks before the target, the power of this move is doubled.
Flip TurnWaterPhysical 60 100 20 After making its attack, the user rushes back to switch places with a party Pokémon in waiting.
Freezing GlarePsychicSpecial 90 100 10 May freeze opponent.
G-Max BefuddleBug 5 Butterfree-exclusive G-Max Move. Poisons, paralyzes, or puts opponent to sleep.
G-Max CannonadeWater 10 Blastoise-exclusive G-Max Move. Damages non-Water types for 4 turns.
G-Max CentifernoFire 5 Centiskorch-exclusive G-Max Move. Traps opponents for 4-5 turns.
G-Max Chi StrikeFighting 5 Machamp-exclusive G-Max Move. Increases critical hit ratio.
G-Max CuddleNormal 5 Eevee-exclusive G-Max Move. Infatuates opponents.
G-Max DepletionDragon 5 Duraludon-exclusive G-Max Move. Reduces opponent's PP.
G-Max Drum SoloGrass 5 Rillaboom-exclusive G-Max Move. Ignores target's ability.
G-Max FinaleFairy 5 Alcremie-exclusive G-Max Move. Heals the user's team.
G-Max FireballFire 5 Cinderace-exclusive G-Max Move. Ignores target's ability.
G-Max Foam BurstWater 5 Kingler-exclusive G-Max Move. Harshly lowers opponents' Speed.
G-Max Gold RushNormal 5 Meowth-exclusive G-Max Move. Confuses opponents and earns more money.
G-Max GravitasPsychic 5 Orbeetle-exclusive G-Max Move. Summons Gravity for 5 turns.
G-Max HydrosnipeWater 5 Inteleon-exclusive G-Max Move. Ignores target's ability.
G-Max MalodorPoison 5 Garbodor-exclusive G-Max Move. Poisons opponents.
G-Max MeltdownSteel 5 Melmetal-exclusive G-Max Move. Prevents opponents using the same move twice in a row.
G-Max One BlowDark 5 Urshifu Single-Strike Style-exclusive G-Max Move. Strikes through Max Guard and Protect.
G-Max Rapid FlowWater 5 Urshifu Rapid-Strike Style-exclusive G-Max Move. Strikes through Max Guard and Protect.
G-Max ReplenishNormal 5 Snorlax-exclusive G-Max Move. Recycles Berries.
G-Max ResonanceIce 5 Lapras-exclusive G-Max Move. Reduces damage for 5 turns.
G-Max SandblastGround 5 Sandaconda-exclusive G-Max Move. Traps opponents for 4-5 turns.
G-Max SmiteFairy 5 Hatterene-exclusive G-Max Move. Confuses opponents.
G-Max SnoozeDark 5 Grimmsnarl-exclusive G-Max Move. Makes opponents drowsy.
G-Max SteelsurgeSteel 5 Copperajah-exclusive G-Max Move. Sets up Spikes on the field.
G-Max StonesurgeWater 5 Drednaw-exclusive G-Max Move. Sets up Stealth Rock.
G-Max Stun ShockElectric 10 Toxtricity-exclusive G-Max Move. Poisons or paralyzes opponents.
G-Max SweetnessGrass 10 Appletun-exclusive G-Max Move. Heals status conditions of user's team.
G-Max TartnessGrass 10 Flapple-exclusive G-Max Move. Reduces opponents' evasiveness.
G-Max TerrorGhost 10 Gengar-exclusive G-Max Move. Prevents opponent from switching out.
G-Max Vine LashGrass 10 Venusaur-exclusive G-Max Move. Damages non-Grass types for 4 turns.
G-Max VolcalithRock 10 Coalossal-exclusive G-Max Move. Deals damage for 4 turns.
G-Max Volt CrashElectric 10 Pikachu-exclusive G-Max Move. Paralyzes opponents.
G-Max WildfireFire 10 Charizard-exclusive G-Max Move. Damages non-Fire types for 4 turns.
G-Max Wind RageFlying 10 Corviknight-exclusive G-Max Move. Removes battlefield hazards.
Glacial LanceIcePhysical 130 100 5 The user attacks by hurling a blizzard-cloaked icicle lance at opposing Pokémon.
Grassy GlideGrassPhysical 70 100 20 High priority during Grassy Terrain.
Grav AppleGrassPhysical 80 100 10 Lowers the opponent's Defense stat.
Jaw LockDarkPhysical 80 100 10 Prevents user and opponent from switching out.
Jungle HealingGrassStatus 10 Restores team's HP and cures status conditions.
Lash OutDarkPhysical 75 100 5 Double power if stats were lowered during the turn.
Life DewWaterStatus 10 User and teammates recover HP.
Magic PowderPsychicStatus 100 20 Changes target's type to Psychic.
Max AirstreamFlying Flying type Dynamax move. Raises the team's Speed.
Max DarknessDark Dark type Dynamax move. Lowers the target's Special Defense.
Max FlareFire Fire type Dynamax move. Summons harsh sunlight.
Max FlutterbyBug Bug type Dynamax move. Lowers the target's Special Attack.
Max GeyserWater Water type Dynamax move. Summons heavy rain.
Max GuardNormal Status category Dynamax move. Protects the user.
Max HailstormIce Ice type Dynamax move. Summons hail.
Max KnuckleFighting Fighting type Dynamax move. Increases the team's Attack.
Max LightningElectric Electric type Dynamax move. Summons Electric Terrain.
Max MindstormPsychic Psychic type Dynamax move. Summons Psychic Terrain.
Max OozePoison Poison type Dynamax move. Increases the team's Special Attack.
Max OvergrowthGrass Grass type Dynamax move. Summons Grassy Terrain.
Max PhantasmGhost Ghost type Dynamax move. Lowers the target's Defense.
Max QuakeGround Ground type Dynamax move. Increases the team's Special Defense.
Max RockfallRock Rock type Dynamax move. Summons a sandstorm.
Max StarfallFairy Fairy type Dynamax move. Summons Misty Terrain.
Max SteelspikeSteel Steel type Dynamax move. Raises the team's Defense.
Max StrikeNormal Normal type Dynamax move. Lowers the target's Speed.
Max WyrmwindDragon Dragon type Dynamax move. Lowers the target's Attack.
Meteor AssaultFightingPhysical 150 100 5 User must recharge next turn.
Meteor BeamRockSpecial 120 90 10 User gathers space power and boosts its Sp. Atk stat, then attacks the target on the next turn.
Misty ExplosionFairySpecial 100 100 5 Power increases on Misty Terrain.
No RetreatFightingStatus 5 Raises all stats but user cannot switch out.
ObstructDarkStatus 100 10 Protects the user and sharply lowers Defence on contact.
OctolockFightingStatus 100 15 Lowers opponent's Defense and Special Defense every turn, and they cannot flee or switch out.
OverdriveElectricSpecial 80 100 10
PoltergeistGhostPhysical 110 90 5 Fails if the target doesn’t have an item.
Pyro BallFirePhysical 120 90 5 May burn opponent.
Rising VoltageElectricSpecial 70 100 20 Power doubles on Electric Terrain.
Scale ShotDragonPhysical 25 90 20 Hits 2-5 times in one turn. Boosts user's Speed but lowers its Defense.
Scorching SandsGroundSpecial 70 100 10 May burn the target.
Shell Side ArmPoisonSpecial 90 100 10 May poison opponent. Inflicts either Special or Physical damage, whichever is better.
Skitter SmackBugPhysical 70 90 10 Lowers opponent's Sp. Attack.
Snap TrapGrassPhysical 35 100 15 Traps opponent, damaging them for 4-5 turns.
Snipe ShotWaterSpecial 80 100 15 Ignores moves and abilities that draw in moves. High critical hit ratio.
Spirit BreakFairyPhysical 75 100 15 Lowers opponent's Special Attack.
Steel BeamSteelSpecial 140 95 5 User loses 50% of its HP.
Steel RollerSteelPhysical 130 100 5 Fails if no Terrain in effect.
Strange SteamFairySpecial 90 95 10 May confuse opponent.
Stuff CheeksNormalStatus 10 The user eats its held Berry, then sharply raises its Defense stat.
Surging StrikesWaterPhysical 25 100 5 Always results in a critical hit and ignores stat changes.
Tar ShotRockStatus 100 15 Lowers the opponent's Speed and makes them weaker to Fire-type moves.
TeatimeNormalStatus 10 Forces all Pokémon on the field to eat their berries.
Terrain PulseNormalSpecial 50 100 10 Type and power change depending on the Terrain in effect.
Thunder CageElectricSpecial 80 90 15 Deals damage and traps opponent, damaging them for 4-5 turns.
Thunderous KickFightingPhysical 90 100 10 Lowers opponent's Defense.
Triple AxelIcePhysical 20 90 10 Attacks thrice with more power each time.
Wicked BlowDarkPhysical 80 100 5 Always results in a critical hit and ignores stat changes.