Pokémon moves from Generation 8

Below is the list of Pokémon attacks that were introduced in Generation 8 (Sword, Shield).

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Apple AcidGrass 80 100 10 Lowers target's Special Defense.
Aura WheelElectric 110 100 10 Changes type based on Morpeko's Mode.
Behemoth BashSteel 100 100 5 Damage doubles if user is Dynamaxed.
Behemoth BladeSteel 100 100 5 Damage doubles if user is Dynamaxed.
Body PressFighting 80 100 10 The higher the user's Defense, the stronger the attack.
Bolt BeakElectric 85 100 10 If the user attacks before the target, the power of this move is doubled.
Branch PokeGrass 40 100 40
Breaking SwipeDragon 60 100 15 Hits multiple opponents and lowers their attack.
Clangorous SoulDragon 100 5 Raises all user's stats but loses HP.
Court ChangeNormal 100 10 Swaps the effects on either side of the field.
DecorateFairy 15 Sharply raises target's Attack and Special Attack.
Dragon DartsDragon 50 100 10 User attacks twice.
Drum BeatingGrass 80 100 10 Lowers opponent's Speed.
Dynamax CannonDragon 100 100 5 Damage doubles if user is Dynamaxed.
EternabeamDragon 160 90 6 User can't move on the next turn.
False SurrenderDark 80 10 Ignores Accuracy and Evasiveness.
Fishious RendWater 85 100 10 If the user attacks before the target, the power of this move is doubled.
G-Max BefuddleBug Butterfree-exclusive G-Max Move. Poisons, paralyzes, or puts opponent to sleep.
G-Max CentifernoFire Centiskorch-exclusive G-Max Move. Traps opponents for 4-5 turns.
G-Max Chi StrikeFighting Machamp-exclusive G-Max Move. Increases critical hit ratio.
G-Max CuddleNormal Eevee-exclusive G-Max Move. Infatuates opponents.
G-Max DepletionDragon Duraludon-exclusive G-Max Move. Reduces opponent's PP.
G-Max Drum SoloGrass Rillaboom-exclusive G-Max Move.
G-Max FinaleFairy Alcremie-exclusive G-Max Move. Heals the user's team.
G-Max FireballFire Cinderace-exclusive G-Max Move.
G-Max Foam BurstWater Kingler-exclusive G-Max Move. Harshly lowers opponents' Speed.
G-Max Gold RushNormal Meowth-exclusive G-Max Move. Confuses opponents and earns more money.
G-Max GravitasPsychic Orbeetle-exclusive G-Max Move. Summons Gravity for 5 turns.
G-Max HydrosnipeWater Inteleon-exclusive G-Max Move.
G-Max MalodorPoison Garbodor-exclusive G-Max Move. Poisons opponents.
G-Max MeltdownSteel Melmetal-exclusive G-Max Move. Prevents opponents using the same move twice in a row.
G-Max ReplenishNormal Snorlax-exclusive G-Max Move. Recycles Berries.
G-Max ResonanceIce Lapras-exclusive G-Max Move. Reduces damage for 5 turns.
G-Max SandblastGround Sandaconda-exclusive G-Max Move. Traps opponents for 4-5 turns.
G-Max SmiteFairy Hatterene-exclusive G-Max Move. Confuses opponents.
G-Max SnoozeDark Grimmsnarl-exclusive G-Max Move. Makes opponents drowsy.
G-Max SteelsurgeSteel Copperajah-exclusive G-Max Move. Sets up Spikes on the field.
G-Max StonesurgeWater Drednaw-exclusive G-Max Move. Sets up Stealth Rock.
G-Max Stun ShockElectric Toxtricity-exclusive G-Max Move. Poisons or paralyzes opponents.
G-Max SweetnessGrass Appletun-exclusive G-Max Move. Heals status conditions of user's team.
G-Max TartnessGrass Flapple-exclusive G-Max Move. Reduces opponents' evasiveness.
G-Max TerrorGhost Gengar-exclusive G-Max Move. Prevents opponent from switching out.
G-Max VolcalithRock Coalossal-exclusive G-Max Move. Deals damage for 4 turns.
G-Max Volt CrashElectric Pikachu-exclusive G-Max Move. Paralyzes opponents.
G-Max WildfireFire Charizard-exclusive G-Max Move. Damages non-Fire types for 4 turns.
G-Max Wind RageFlying Corviknight-exclusive G-Max Move. Removes battlefield hazards.
Grav AppleGrass 80 100 10 Lowers the opponent's Defense stat.
Jaw LockDark 80 100 10 Prevents user and opponent from switching out.
Life DewWater 10 User and teammates recover HP.
Magic PowderPsychic 100 20 Changes target's type to Psychic.
Max AirstreamFlying Flying type Dynamax move. Raises the team's Speed.
Max DarknessDark Dark type Dynamax move. Lowers the target's Special Defense.
Max FlareFire Fire type Dynamax move. Summons harsh sunlight.
Max FlutterbyBug Bug type Dynamax move. Lowers the target's Special Attack.
Max GeyserWater Water type Dynamax move. Summons heavy rain.
Max GuardNormal Status category Dynamax move. Protects the user.
Max HailstormIce Ice type Dynamax move. Summons hail.
Max KnuckleFighting Fighting type Dynamax move. Increases the team's Attack.
Max LightningElectric Electric type Dynamax move. Summons Electric Terrain.
Max MindstormPsychic Psychic type Dynamax move. Summons Psychic Terrain.
Max OozePoison Poison type Dynamax move. Increases the team's Special Attack.
Max OvergrowthGrass Grass type Dynamax move. Summons Grassy Terrain.
Max PhantasmGhost Ghost type Dynamax move. Lowers the target's Defense.
Max QuakeGround Ground type Dynamax move. Increases the team's Special Defense.
Max RockfallRock Rock type Dynamax move. Summons a sandstorm.
Max StarfallFairy Fairy type Dynamax move. Summons Misty Terrain.
Max SteelspikeSteel Steel type Dynamax move. Raises the team's Defense.
Max StrikeNormal Normal type Dynamax move. Lowers the target's Speed.
Max WyrmwindDragon Dragon type Dynamax move. Lowers the target's Attack.
Meteor AssaultFighting 150 100 5 User must recharge next turn.
No RetreatFighting 5 Raises all stats but user cannot switch out.
ObstructDark 100 10 Protects the user and sharply lowers Defence on contact.
OctolockFighting 100 15 Lowers opponent's Defense and Special Defense every turn, and they cannot flee or switch out.
OverdriveElectric 80 100 10
Pyro BallFire 120 90 5 May burn opponent.
Snap TrapGrass 35 100 15 Snares the target in a snap trap for four to five turns.
Snipe ShotWater 80 100 15 Ignores moves and abilities that draw in moves.
Spirit BreakFairy 75 100 15 Lowers opponent's Special Attack.
Steel BeamSteel 140 95 5 User loses 50% of its HP.
Strange SteamFairy 90 95 10 May confuse opponent.
Stuff CheeksNormal 10 The user eats its held Berry, then sharply raises its Defense stat.
Tar ShotRock 100 15 Lowers the opponent's Speed and makes them weaker to Fire-type moves.
TeatimeNormal 10 Forces all Pokémon on the field to eat their berries.