Some official English names revealed, possibly the whole lot!

Pokémon Black & White — 14 January, 2011

Nintendo has revealed more Pokemon names from Black & White. But there has also been a leak of the supposed full list of English Pokemon names, though not 100% confirmed.

Confirmed Pokemon:

  • Desukaan is now Cofagrigus, from coffin and sarcophagus or maybe egregious.
  • Mogurew is now Drilbur, from drill and burrow.
  • Kibago is now Axew, a pun on askew with axe referring to its tusks.
  • Koromori is now Woobat, because it's a bat (duh). It seems to have some love connection, hence the woo in the name and its move, Heart Stamp.
  • Minezumi is now Patrat, a pun on packrat.
  • Gothiruselle is now Gothitelle, from goth and elle, a common suffix meaning feminine.
  • Ranculus is now Reuniclus, possibly based on homunculus describing humans.
  • Wargle is now Braviary, from brave and aviary (bird enclosure).
  • Musharna keeps its name.

Confirmed ability names:

Confirmed move names:

Continue for the rumoured list of all English names...

OK here is the list, with the original Japanese names. Remember, this is not confirmed yet!

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