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Gender: Female
Country: California, USA
Favorite Pokémon: Furrets are kinda nice. Absols are amazing. Silvally is cool too.
Friend Codes: Friend List:
Supernova- A wonderful star that is also Reshiram. PREEEEAAAAAH. I met her on the chat when I got mad at her... for reasons I wouldn’t like to explain :D

PokeUser0101010- A nice person, I don’t know exactly what to say. Quite a new person, and met her in the chat when the Absol Club was created. She was one pf the first three members of the Absol Club, along with me and Pringles.

ABSOLute Absolover- A fellow absol lover, as you can probably tell.

Dragapult- Also a nice person and fellow Absol Club member. Very fun to talk to, and a great person.

Absol Club
We believe absol is the absolute best!
UncleEdison (0_0)
ABSOLute Absolover

How to get on my friend list:
1: Put me on your friend list. If you don’t have one, just tell me that you would think of me as an actual friend. Keep in mind that of course I have to know that I’m on your friend list.
2: I have to know you pretty well. So in other words, I won’t put you on my friend list if I think you shouldn’t be on my friend list.
About me: I’m a person who studied Pokémon quite hard back in gen 7 for no reason. I don’t play SwSh, but I may know some things about it.

I use only mobile, except for...
Computer use count: 1

I finally got an avatar! It is Mega Absol, I hope this is not too low quality.

Does anybody still play SM? Because I do. I have both of them, in fact.

I even have Pokémon X. And Detective Pikachu. And for the record, LGP.

How is Mew (a very creative name) the ancestor of all Pokémon if it can’t breed?

“When you infiltrate Team Rocket’s secret base”
[insert funny photo of something funny]
“For a Cubone”
(You can also say the same thing about Yungoos and Po Town)

If you go to any Bulbapedia article that isn’t a stub, and click on any internal link that isn’t in italics or parentheses, and keep doing that, you will always end up in the Canada page. (Thank you to sumwun for putting this on your profile. It’s a great gender).

The fact that you can’t operate your own wall (with not enough points, of course) is kinda weird, but I won’t ask.

Pronouncing FBI would say Phoebe. Just like how SwSh would say swish.

I don’t play SwSh, as you know, but you can apparently beat Leon with a team of level 1 Gastlies with the right breeding, items, and strategies.

You can also beat Leon with a single Magicarp as well.

Doesn’t Snom look like a snowy, white Pyukumuku? Also, turning that m in Snom upside-down would make it a w, and make Snow.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Eevee evolved into a Pokémon called Luncheon?

I used to know somebody who would always keep getting Froakies through Wonder Trade in Pokémon Sun.

Why is Absol a dark type if it just wanted to warn everyone?

Me on the GTS in Pokémon Sun: “Oh look, there’s that hacker again! This time he has like, 50 shiny level 100 Lunalas!” (No seriously, if you have SM, then check the GTS and search for Lunala. You’ll see that guy asking for Snivies in exchange.)

Zangoose and Seviper, which are rivals, can breed together.

Why is Alolan Sandshrew still SANDshrew? I kind of get why, but they should be Snowshrews.

Vulpix are born white and with one tail. So are Alolan Vulpix born red-orange? Or do Kantonian ones become red-orange because of some sort of heat or sunlight?

Cubone wear the skull of their dead mother. But if you breed for one, the Cubone still have that skull anyway, and the mother is clearly alive.

And what if a Marowak had more than one child?

Team Skull wore masks before it was popular.

I use Pokémon Sun as a competitive thing, but Pokémon Moon is going to be played/reset countless times. I am practicing for a nuzlocke, so I go by some of the rules. Here are the teams I used to complete the game, just as a space to keep records:

Nuzlocke practice #1: Pokérus Ploop
Ploop, male Primarina
Evasion, male Talonflame
Artaro, male Pelipper
Pokémon Z, Zygarde 10%
Mostashe, female Raticate
Bud, female Lilligant
This team got the Pokérus out of nowhere. It also OHKO’ed Totem Kommo-o.

If you’ve read the entire thing up to here, then I’m impressed. Great Job!

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10 hours ago by Blaziken787
She would join.
1 day ago by Dragapult
Thanks, lol. That battle took me an eternity because of the fog and the fact that my opponents had 6 Pokémon, one being blissey
2 days ago by PrimalKyogre
hey Stephwheel8 can I join the Absol Club? I think you can tell by my username that I love Absol
2 days ago by ABSOLute Absolover
He/she should, but I don’t know whether they would. I have a lot of trouble contacting people whose walls have posts disabled (unless I’m posting to them on my wall, like right now). So if you could ask them, yes. I don’t exactly understand what you’re asking, but if ABSOLute absolover asked you to ask me, then they can join if they like.
3 days ago by Stephwheel8
Excuse me, can ABSOLute Absolover join the Absol Club?
Please tell me on your wall because I'll be checking here.
Thank you! :)
3 days ago by Dragapult
Absol is cool. I might join
4 days ago by snom
I meant, my Friend list lol
5 days ago by PokeUser0101010
I think of you as a actual friend! I have you my wall there.
5 days ago by PokeUser0101010
Yes, I see it.
Thank you!
5 days ago by Dragapult