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Yeah but even the base game, it’s still really cool, but I can say that I like the crown tundra better. But this game is pretty great, and you can probably tell which was my first version lol
Nov 17 by PokeUser0101010
Oh sorry didn’t know
Nov 16 by PoppolioMan
Especially the Crown Tundra. Its better than the game itself.
Nov 16 by ~Dragapulse~
Yes it is worth it to get SwSh. And the Expansion Pass, it’s bomb.
Nov 16 by PokeUser0101010
I love Dewgongs. They are cute ●u●
Nov 15 by ■Primal●Shadow■
Thanks for joining.
Nov 15 by ■Primal●Shadow■
You're Mega-Absol, rigjt? If so,
Do you want to join the Dark Night Club?
It's a club where Dark, Ghost, and Poison types can hang out, chat, and have fun.If you want to join, tell me on my wall.

And if not, simply tell me on my wall.
Nov 15 by ■Primal●Shadow■
Umbreon loses to Absol, but only the Mega one since its Magic Bounce bounces back Toxic, else you lose. Still, Umbreon is for stall, and I don't like, so for me, Absol is cooler then Umbreon.
Nov 13 by Swastik
sure. do it in NatDex AG
Nov 12 by PrimalKyogre
~~- Put-~- This-~- Ribbon-~- On-~- Your-~- Wall-~- If-~- You-~- Think-~- Absol-~- Is-~- Cooler-~- Than-~-Umbreon-~-

totally putting that ribbon on my page, buutttt i do think that we should respect umbreon's great defense and SpD
Nov 12 by ~megaltaria~