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Member for: 6 years (since Nov 24, 2012)
Type: Expert
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Gender: Boy, I think, aged 13 as of yet :3 (B-day is on 26/03)
Country: Earth, Europe, British Isles, England, London. 'Nuff Said :)
Favorite Pokémon: -Flare-
Friend Codes: Pokemon Showdown! Username(s): Flareykinz (normal alt), and
Leader Flareykinz (OU monotype gym leader alt).

My 'Leader Flareykinz' is where I'm GL (◈) and Flareykinz is my normal alt.
Every single person is my friend unless they're a troll, or a douche. (Shower)
About me: Scald has the same chance at burning as Focus Blast has at missing.

Anyway, I'm a normal guy, who likes a nice laugh... battling wise I'm no competitive beast or anything, but I do play monotype and OU, both which I've been tutored in by Enoch and Blob but I'm still learning stuff so I'm not incredible or anything, I'm always up for a good match.


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I've always liked your grav.
Aug 27 by Jofly
For clarity... Flare is not banned lol.
Aug 15 by Fizz
They might hear you, but will never respond...
Jun 13 by Stakatacool
Why you ban?
Jun 11 by SeeYaLater!
I wonder wtf you did to get banned...
Jun 11 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
ahaha amigo remembers when you had gl symbols
Sep 21, 2017 by MonoUmbreon
ahaha i remember when we had GL symbols
May 22, 2017 by melcakes
Same as victini dowm there
May 18, 2016 by Megaflygon
Just letting you know I haven't forgotten you.
May 2, 2016 by Victini Victory
Wish you were here.
Feb 8, 2016 by Victini Victory