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Gender: No Patrick, mayonnaise is not a gender.
Country: Antarctica; Central Timezone.
Favorite Pokémon: Beldum. Childhood hero. (see about me for favorites by type)
Friend Codes: I play on Showdown! with the same username (KRLW890)
About me: First got into Pokémon around 2010, with SoulSilver being my first game.  I only played casually, which grew boring after getting and completing White.
A few years later, I got back into it competitively through Showdown, and have enjoyed it ever since (Haven't kept up with the main games, though :\ ).

Favorite Pokémon by type:
STEEL: Beldum; favorite Pokémon, favorite type
ELECTRIC: Luxray (2nd favorite overall)
PSYCHIC: technically Beldum, but I’ve got to give this one to Lugia (3rd favorite)
GRASS: Bayleef (4th fav)
NORMAL: Eevee (5th) (after this, I’m not so sure overall; the rest of these are in no particular order)
BUG: Volcarona
DARK: Mega-Absol
DRAGON: Flygon
FAIRY: Mimikyu
FIRE: Alolan Marowak
FLYING: technically Lugia, but I’ll give this one to Yveltal
GHOST: Decidueye
GROUND: technically Flygon, but I’ll give this one to Krookodile
ICE: Lapras
POISON: Drapion
ROCK: Midnight Lycanroc
WATER: Buizel

My Shinies, in order of me finding them:
* Gyarados in SoulSilver - doesn't count
- Pidgey in SoulSilver - met a tragic end at the hands of an unlucky crit. My first shiny fail
* Gyarados in HeartGold - once again, doesn't count
* Vanillite in White - Grew up to become a Vanilluxe as a part of my in-game team
> Mewtwo in HeartGold - My first successful shinyhunt
* Unown (L) in HeartGold - Hilariously enough, I think I remember encountering this one with my Shiny Mewtwo
* Heatmor in White - Caught and left mostly untouched
* Zubat in LeafGreen - Migrated to SoulSilver several days after capture. Now a Crobat
* Sandshrew in SoulSilver - A lucky catch at the mercy of the Safari Zone. Now a Sandslash
* Rattata in SoulSilver - now a Raticate
* Tangela in SoulSilver - Caught and left completely untouched
- Mr. Mime in SoulSilver - Once again at the mercy of the Safari Zone. Not so lucky this time; second shiny fail
* Abra in SoulSilver - A very lucky catch, only to still be completely untouched
> Rayquaza in Emerald - My second successful shinyhunt, and my personal favorite shiny in my collection
> Shinx in SoulSilver - Found in a wild encounter after 1019 encounters (shiny inclusive), 503 of which were Shinx, in addition to 1387 Shinx eggs; 1890 Shinxes total.
> Litwick in White - Found after 7328 wild encounters

Currently shinyhunting:
> Eevee in SoulSilver
> Vulpix in SoulSilver

PokeBase dates:
100 Pts - Apr 23, 2017
200 Pts - May 2, 2017
300 Pts - May 8, 2017
400 Pts - May 15, 2017
500 Pts - Jun 1, 2017
750 Pts - Aug 19, 2017
1,000 Pts (WHOO!!) - Aug 31, 2017

Did you know that the last 258 pages of the database's users page is nothing but 20 point users?

PS. The 890 in my username is pronounced "eight ninety."  Not "eight nine zero," not "eight hundred ninety," not "eighty-nine zero."  It's just "eight ninety."  IT'S. NOT. THAT. HARD.

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Finchwidget already told me about it.
Oct 10 by sumwun
No problem. Don't want to pressure you.
Sep 17 by KRLW890
Ok...I'm sorry KRLW890, but I'm going to have to decline on your offer. No offense, but it looks like way too much work for me to do. I mainly use Poké-,Great, and Ultra Balls to catch my Pokémon.
Sep 17 by JasonEeveeLution
Oh, okay. No pressure, just thought I'd ask.
Sep 16 by KRLW890
Can't now, I'm camping now.
Sep 16 by JasonEeveeLution
Thank you! I made it myself. Good to know you like it.
Sep 14 by KRLW890
"This one" is the best and quickest way to calculate multi-typed Pokémon. I love it! :)
Sep 13 by JasonEeveeLution
Nope, found it online.
Aug 24 by JasonEeveeLution
No, JasonE, mayonnaise is not a gender.
Jul 17 by KRLW890
Is mayonnaise a gender?
Jul 17 by JasonEeveeLution